max seibald denver outlaws swim move
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Caption Contest!

Jeff Brunelle and the Bishop Kelly Knights (Boise, ID) recently took in a Denver Outlaws game and Jeff took a TON of photos.  We’ve started putting them up on our Facebook page, but since we’re always looking to give some cool stuff out to our readers, we’ll make the announcement and throw a contest in there for fun too!  It’s Summer, and everyone needs more lax gear.  That’s just science.  So like us and check out the game pictures!

So comment away!  Remember, keep it clean, creativity counts big time, likes and replies don’t hurt, and the final say comes down the LAS crew, as usual!  The winner will receive at least one pair of socks, one pair of sunglasses and one t-shirt or tank top.  But they might get a whole lot more!  We love surprises, don’t you?!?!?!

max seibald denver outlaws swim move
Ok, we gave you a swim move. Now go for it!