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Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Seattle, Day 3

Campers stepped it up yet ANOTHER level today!

RP indulging the campers with a great story to start off the day.

What was this great story about you ask? Well it starts with some brotherly competition and the number 96. His older brother Casey had been a household name in the lacrosse world growing up, and RP had to deal with always seeing his brother’s name in the paper and being in his shadow.

Fast forward to RP’s senior year at Syracuse. 96 was the number of points RP needed to tie the record for most career points. He painted that number on his wall as a reminder to put in as much effort outside of practice as he did inside of practice. He then used that reminder each and every day to help him obtain his goal.

Now it’s the 2000 NCAA Men’s National Championship Game, RP needs 5 more points to tie the record and time is ticking down on the clock, he has four points very late in the fourth quarter and… you know what, watch it for yourself (Sorry, video embedding was disabled for the one).

Back to the camp though, remember when I introduced you to Jason Coffman? Well, today I was able to get an interview with him, and in my opinion, Coach Coffman is ready to ‘Grow the Game’. He’s very humble about it and wouldn’t admit it if you asked him, but like I told you before, he is STILL the ALL-TIME leading points holder for NCAA Lacrosse. Check out Coach Coffman’s thoughts on the Rhino Lacrosse Academies and the growth of the game.

On a lighter note, the Seattle campers were able to experience another round of Rhino Camp fun with the Goal Celebration Contest. Check out what Seattle’s finest had to offer… I’d say the instant replay is my favorite for sure – 10 on creativity, 10 on execution.

Gem of the day you ask? Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. My main man Harrison, a member of the 3-1 Cortland squad brought his pick today to make sure we could all experience the full effects of his hair.

Check it.

Tomorrow (THURSDAY!) is the last day of Rhino Lacrosse Camp: Seattle and I have a SUPER special gift in store for you. He’s been with us for the past two weeks fearlessly leading the way through the fires and ensuring everyone comes out safe.

Coach Ventiquattro and I will sit down for a little (but HUGE on impact) interview tomorrow to hear what he has to say about Rhino Lacrosse and why it is so important to experience these one of a kind camps.