NTNUI Lacrosse in Norway
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Caption Contest

We publish a fantastic photo every Friday, and if you drop the best Photo Caption in the comments section of this post, we hook you up with sweet LAS gear from the Lacrosse Shop! Not too shabby, eh? It’s how a great Caption Contest works!

This Week’s Caption Contest…

Check out the photo below, and drop your best caption in the comments!  We’ll hook the winner up with a Lax All Stars Logo Tee, an LAS Clubber Tee, or a Dye Master Tank from the Lacrosse Shop!

This week’s photo comes to us all the way from Aksel Louis Legouy Kvaal of NTNUI in Norway!

NTNUI Lacrosse in Norway
Believe it or not, this was the ref’s first match ever!

That is a GREAT Caption Contest photo, but it doesn’t stop there! Check out what Aksel had to say about NTNUI Lacrosse in Norway:

My team at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) just got our brand new custom Cascade Pro 7 helmets. Kasper (to the left) is really proud to own one and I (to the right) am extremely satisfied with how the colors match perfectly. Nasty helmets that are going to come in handy when we travel to Belgium in 4 weeks to attend the Rhinocup.

NTNUInastyhelmets copy

This will be my team’s first tournament abroad and our Ladies Lax team is also attending. Also, just 1 year ago, my university got the first Lacrosse field in Norway! Things are looking bright for NTNUI Lacrosse! Currently I am swamped with the work to recruit new ballers and a small feature at the coolest website on earth would come in handy! Tryouts will be next wednesday and I just can’t wait to introduce new players to the game. 

Still growing the game over here in Norway. We are definitively looking forward to represent Norway in the World Cup in 2014.

Aksel and the rest of the NTNUI guys – Good luck! You look GREAT in the new helmets, and we love the Grow The Game T-shirt! The photos you sent over are great too and the field looks amazing. Well done!

Last Week’s Winner…

Last week’s Caption Contest winner is Josh Potter!

Whoever introduced boxla over there, must have forgoten to tell them to melt the ice first!”  It does look like ice! Josh – Send us your mailing address and we’ll hook it up!

The lacrosse prizes and potential internet fame are well worth the effort, and even if it takes us some time, we’ll always pick a winner!