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college lacrosse 2013 rule changes
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Some NCAA Rule Changes Reversed: Face Offs Safe For Now

The NCAA announced today that they have reversed many of the rule changes proposed by the Rules Committee earlier this year, but not all of them! Thankfully, for FoGos, the face off rules in particular were reversed, and quick handed men with large thighs everywhere have been cheering wildly as the motorcycle grip ban and proposed 12″ separation distance have been canned… at least for now.

college lacrosse 2013 rule changes
Get ready fellas. The new rules are here!

Shooting string will also be allowed a little further down the head, .5″ lower to be precise. Shooting strings can now sit 4″ from the top of the scoop. Still doesn’t leave a lot of room for lots of shooters, but by using mesh holes #1, 3, and 5, stringers should be able to sneak three in there without too much problem.

However, without a major change to the stringing recommendations coming through, we are definitely going to see some different sticks out there this year. I, for one, am excited to see what stringers come up with. Bye-bye U and V shooters. It’s official. Kids have been taking them our per coaches orders already.

They also clarified the originally confusing cross check/hold, simply by stating it again. There will be more emphasis on illegal defensive tactics (as is currently described in the rules) when it comes to cross checks, and/or holds, or, I’m assuming, when they are done in conjunction. Basically, the NCAA is saying that cross checking and holding is illegal. Call it. Seems pretty simple.

There are a number of points of clarification but the above three are probably the biggest, or at least most talked about. For a full description of the updated 2013 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rule Changes, check out

If you think the NCAA missed the boat on a rule still, tell us which rule, and WHY you think they still don’t have it right.