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Chaos Lacrosse Club win 2021 PLL championship
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Chaos Lacrosse Club Wins 2021 PLL Championship

What a weekend it was! After what felt like a very long summer, we have our 2021 PLL champions: Chaos Lacrosse Club.

Take a listen as Ryan and I analyze the game, discuss the upcoming NLL season, and even get to chat with Chaos midfielder and Buffalo Bandit Dhane Smith about how everything came together.

Chaos Lacrosse Club Win 2021 PLL Championship

Everything about it was incredible: the pace, the back and forth, the drama. For the first time in a long time, I couldn’t look away from a professional game for even a second.

The Chaos seemed to have a mental edge throughout, but the Whipsnakes are too talented to just pack it in. Max Adler came through as needed for 50% but won even more clamps, meaning his losses didn’t directly translate info offensive opportunities. The human trophy case Blaze Riorden was huge yet again with another stellar performance in net (63% save percentage).

Last week, I said that if Riorden and Adler combined for a percentage of 100 or better, Chaos would win. That’s exactly what happened.

For the Whips, we saw Jay Carlson continue to be the guy who never disappoints, while stars Zed Williams and Matt Rambo were held to just three points between them. For a deeper analysis of schemes, strategy, and player breakdowns, be sure to listen to the pod linked above.

The NLL Season

Dec. 3 is just around the corner, and we personally cannot wait to go all-in on pro lacrosse this year. As casual NLL fans in the past, it’s been difficult to gain access to games. Living in the Midwest, we’re five hours from the nearest team (poor excuse, I know).

This year, armed with exciting TV deals, increased momentum from a COVID-19 year, and the obvious bridge being formed between the NLL and PLL, there has never been a better time to go all-in on the NLL.

Which teams will Ryan and I end up rooting for? It’s all up in the air right now. We’ve had many NLL pros as guests on the podcast, and we don’t have any geographic allegiances. It’ll be interesting to see which directions we go.

Stay tuned to Lax All Stars tomorrow at 12 p.m. EST for an exciting announcement from the NLL!