Sink or Swim in the Big Ten this Weekend


The two conferences with the highest winning percentage thus far are set to square off this weekend, as the Big Ten and Ivy League have 3 matchups. While there is no doubt that both conferences are strong, there are still question marks about just how good the Big Ten is from top to bottom. What […]

Seven Division 1 Saturday Storylines


We are in the thick of it as games continue to gain more momentum as the season goes on. As we enter the fourth full week of the season, the lacrosse landscape is beginning to take shape. Teams that we thought would be great preseason (Loyola, Lehigh, Bryant) have fallen out of the polls while […]

12 Games in 12 Sentences: D1 Preview

12 Games

This week we take a quick look at 12 games to be on the lookout for this upcoming weekend. Think of this article as an appetizer to get you ready for a big weekend of lacrosse. It was difficult to narrow this list down to just 12 games, as there is so much good lacrosse […]

Ten games in Ten Sentences: D1 Preview


Week three is here and the season is already full of drama. Duke lost an early season game, not surprising, but the way the Dolphins are playing has them trending all the way into the top 15. Who will pull off the big upset this week? This and every week of the season, I’ll be […]

Maryland Takes on Loyola: D1 Weekend Preview


The second weekend of the 2022 college lacrosse season is upon us. While we had a great Week 1 full of near upsets, this weekend is sure to answer some lingering questions. This and every week of the season, I’ll be looking at the top games of the upcoming weekend. What makes them the top […]

Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse Weekend Preview


Opening weekend of the college lacrosse season is upon us. While we had a great appetizer last weekend between Mercer and Bellarmine, this weekend is the official start of spring lacrosse with 14 division one games slated. This and every week of the season, I’ll be looking at the top games of the upcoming weekend. […]

College Lacrosse Underdogs to Watch Out For

college lacrosse underdogs

Every college lacrosse season features a sneaky underdog team that overachieves what was expected of them that season. These underdogs are typically determined by where that team fell in the preseason rankings. There is no denying that the purpose of preseason rankings will vary depending on who you ask. Some people take them as the […]

Jim Calder : Tales of a Lacrosse Troubadour


Jim Calder has lived a lacrosse life. His experiences as a player, fan, coach, and parent are the stuff of legends. I recently sat down with Jim to discuss his latest book, Tales of a Lacrosse Troubadour. TALES OF A LACROSSE TROUBADOUR About Jim Jim Calder, born in Canada but raised in New York, grew […]

Four Lacrosse Drills to Liven Up Practice

Four Lacrosse Drills to Liven Up Your Practice

Even the most experienced coaches fall into the habit of repeating the same lacrosse drills on a weekly or even daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with repeating drills, but as we all know, players crave excitement and changing up the daily routine can help not only infuse excitement into the practice, it can also help […]

2022 Lacrosse Games I Can’t Wait To See

2022 lacrosse games

As usual, there are literally hundreds of games that I can’t wait to watch this season, but given the limited game schedules released so far, there are a few of the 2022 lacrosse games I’m eagerly anticipating. 2022 Lacrosse Games I Can’t Wait To See Coach Chazz Woodson’s Debut After COVID-19 cancelled the 2021 season, […]

10 Man Ride: What, Why & How

10 man ride

The 10 man ride is an aggressive defensive scheme in lacrosse that is utilized across different levels of the sport. This is what you need to know about it. 10 Man Ride: What, Why & How What Is a 10 Man Ride? The 10 man ride is a form of zone ride that puts pressure […]

Fall Ball 2021 Recap & Storylines

fall ball 2021

Fall ball has come and gone in 2021, which means the season is only a few months away. Every year, college lacrosse fans wait in anticipation for spring so that they can get their fix (despite the seasons kicking off as early as January). Some fans fill the June to January void with professional lacrosse […]