Italian Lacrosse 2014 Italian Cup
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Coach Cibe: 2014 Italian Cup & Season Recap

Editor’s Note: Coach Cibe is back with his monthly update on Italy Lacrosse! I hope everyone is ready to lax and to follow Coach Cibe’s news from Italy. It’s shaping up to be another great month of Italian Lacrosse.

Coming To An End

As in most of the European countries, the lacrosse season in Italy is over.

Both the Championship and Italian Cup have been concluded and, for the second consecutive year, Bocconi Sport team (from Milan) dominated the Italian scene.

Italian Lacrosse 2014 Italian Cup

The last team to win an official trophy, aside from Bocconi, was Red Hawks Merate who won the Italian cup back in the 2011/2012 season.
Bocconi Sport Team have now won 3 consecutive championships and 2 consecutive Italian Cups for the total of 5 titles in 3 years.

The final ranking of the Italian Championship 2013/14:

  1. Bocconi Sport Team
  2. Roma Leones
  3. Red Hawks Merate
  4. Phoenix Perugia
  5. Taurus Torino
  6. San Marino Titans
  7. Bologna Sharks (retired after the first leg of the tournament)

Results of the Italian Cup, held in Prato (Tuscany):

  1. Bocconi Sport Team
  2. Red Hawks Merate-Grizzlies Prato
  3. Taurus Torino
  4. Roma Leones
  5. Phoenix-Titans-Sharks

All Eyes On Denver

Now, most of the attention will be placed on the Italian National team. The team had a good work out in Riccione playing a tournament with Team Norway, Notre Dame and a GB pick up team.

The players are now getting ready to leave and will start doing so early in July. Coach Pete has organized a training schedule to help the team climatize for the hot conditions and do some much needed altitude training. The team will meet up with their Italian-American teammates, in preparation for the green division of the World Championships.

Grow The Game In Italy

Nevertheless, in Italy lacrosse continues to grow.

In the field of male lax, Bologna Sharks are trying to reorganize their team, Prato Grizzlies are a new reality (they played in last Italian cup with Red Hawks Merate) and will participate in the 2014/2015 championship as an independent team. Furthermore, modestly speaking, after giving life to Red Hawks lacrosse in 2009 and after five years of lacrosse battles with my friends from Merate, I’m starting (with the enthusiastic help of the girls of Milano Baggataway) a new team, which will be the second one in Milan, hoping to become a competitive and independent team over the next two years.

So, Italy could, within next 2 seasons, field 9 fully operational male teams.

And what about the girls?

Roma Leones Women are reorganizing their team and a new one has been formed in Torino (Edelweiss Lacrosse). Now, with Milano Baggataway and Phoenix Perugia, 4 female teams are operative in Italy.

Now, we will all look at the World Championships with interest and – obviously – supporting Italy; afterwords Coach Cibe will go on vacation and we will meet again, if you want, in October when lacrosse in Italy will start its new season.

Sticks up my friends.

Stay tuned to LAS for more updates on Italy Lacrosse each month of the year, and check out for weekly posts and tips on how to improve your game.