1924. "Lewis, Maryland Agricultural College." Lacrosse
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College Lacrosse Shorts

Photos, videos, upsets and questionable decisions.  The past couple of days have seen them all.  This is going to be kind of like a Lacrosse Drop with much more linking.  Except each story will be shorter.  If it’s buzzworthy, it’s in here.

Denver Lacrosse is REAL

Denver picked up immediately once Bill Tierney got there.  Not just talking about wins and losses (although to Tierney, that is probably a top priority!). The school now cares more about that team than ever.  Warrior is really stepping up their gear game.  Fans are packing their stadium.  They played Notre Dame to a one-goal loss (video).  Ok, a loss is still a loss, but in the world of D1 lacrosse, overnight, sustained success is near impossible.  But they’re building to something out there.  I can feel it.

BU over Florida? Yup. PCLL 1 Looks UP!

14-6 in fact.  Ouch.  A little hard to believe.  I thought the Gators were going to be ok this year.  At least better than this.  Now, BU is no slouch, as they played FSU tight AT FSU, but still.  Oh, Florida, how far you’ve fallen!  WIth BC and New Hampshire, the PCLL 1 may be the new power conference in the MCLA!  Ok, that is definitely premature, but it was about time some of the New England MCLA teams started playing real lacrosse!  These guys have been making the rest of us Yanks look bad for years.  Well done my New England brothers!  Keep it up and shock everyone in Denver!  I’m biased. New England is awesome.

Best Hair in the NCAA. 1, 2, 3.

The best hair in the NCAA could be seen in the Syracuse – Albany game. Jeremy Thompson, Miles Thompson and Edmund Cathers.  Wonder how long it will be ’til the first non Native-American will try this look?  I’m hoping never.  Keep it real.

Never Graduate

Is that really ESPNU’s slogan this year?  I get it.  I do.  But Really?

Espnu never graduate
Um, ok?

Who is Duke?

Duke beats Maryland. Beats Loyola.  Loses to Penn. Loses to Notre Dame.  We know they’re a good team, because they outclassed Siena and Mercer easily.  And they put 14 up on Loyola, who I thought had a pretty good D (video). This team had some serious holes to fill and maybe the guys stepping in are starting to be more comfortable.  We’ll know if they’ve reloaded when they play Syracuse on the 3rd of April.  Up next is UNC. Should be a GOOD one!

MCLA Poll Kerfuffle

Do these guys even know what they’re doing?

Oregon lost to Santa Clara and Cal.  SC and Cal played to a one goal game, Cal won. Someone had to lose.  Outside of Cal, SC has only lost to Top 10 teams.  Outside of Arizona, Cal has only lost to Top 10 teams.  Oregon has lost to both of these teams.  Yet the Ducks are ranked ahead of both of them.  Do I think Oregon is good?  Yes.  And I also think they are improving as the season goes on.  Maybe that explains it?  The coaches think Oregon is better NOW, whereas those two losses were early.  Know what?  I actually buy that.  Well done, coaches.

Division 2 Lacrosse

If you can make sense of the D2 lacrosse scene at this point in the season, you are a better man than I.  Limestone’s win over LeMoyne was like Colorado over Michigan last year: not many saw it coming.  Definitely shows Limestone is for real though.  From this point on, they won’t sneak up on anyone!  Impressive.  Post looks good so far, but against weaker competiton for the most part.  Merrimack (video) is another school that won’t see a lot of their best games until much later.  They are an early favorite too. Dowling has been quietly rolling along and there is clearly a lot of talent left from their Final 4 run of a year ago.  42 teams and outside of my top 5 (Limestone, LeMoyne, Merrimack, Dowling and Post), it’s up in the air.  Love seeing this Division grow!

D3 Lax video highlight links

Dickinson takes down Roanoke.  Big win for the Red Devils.

Cabrini beats Kenyon. Pretty much expected.

Haverford takes down Skidmore 10-7. Close, but no surprise.

Are you for Surfing Today?

Well, are you?  Surfing video.