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Scoring In Tight

Editor’s Note: We’ve been asking Connor Martin questions about his new lacrosse training tip videos and he’s been responding in his own special vernacular. There’s no shortage of lacrosse knowledge being shared here, and this week we want to know how ConBroChill overcomes the FEAR that all attackmen have when they’re about to get popped after scoring inside!

All we have to fear is fear itself. FDR nailed it there!

In all honesty, if you’re scared to make a play coming around the crease then you probably shouldn’t be an attackman. So obviously, overcoming this fear is very important in any attackman’s to do list.

What I did to get over this fear?

I still have it! But basically I approach it like I’m jumping off a big cliff into water. There is that moment when you just say screw it, block out everything, and jump. (see the 2:18 mark in the video below)

It’s an amazing wreckless moment, but those are the moments that make people great… that make you come around the crease like your William Wallace taking a shot even though the pain train is on the way.

You’ve got pads on, so go for it when the window is open!