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Connor Versus: Mitch Belisle

For the newest episode of Connor Versus, I met up with Mitch Belisle nice and early in Brooklyn’s Fort Green Park. At 6am, we did 1-on-1 battle for Connor Versus supremacy. Can you guess who won this epic NYC title belt tilt?

Here’s a little disclaimer: Mitch Belisle is world class athlete, and total professional. I am a washed up former D3 player who uses trickery to gain an advantage wherever I possibly can. That should tell you something right there.

Connor Versus: Mitch Belisle – Episode 5

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For more from Mitch Belisle and the Trilogy Lacrosse crew, check out our Training with Trilogy archives on! There is always something good in there, for any player or position.

Be on the lookout for more Training with Trilogy videos featuring Mitch Belisle on LAS this week, and in coming weeks.