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Connor Versus: Throne of String – Episode 4

I would have loved to do many more Connor Versus episodes while out in Denver, but the requirements of being the Thailand GM and working to bring you guys killer FIL content got in the way. I managed to take on (and beat!) Brodie Merrill of Team Canada, but then he got the ultimate revenge by winning the gold medal over Team USA.

To get things going again, I kept it local, and took on Joe Williams of Throne of String for Episode 4 of this ongoing series. We dueled it out lacrosse style on his rooftop in Brooklyn, used wooden sticks, and had a blast. As I am wont to do, I totally sandbagged Joe, showed up with no announced plan of competition, and took the master stringer by surprise. If I’m not catching people unawares, I simply don’t have a chance. I found that out against Max Seibald and Steve DeNapoli. Even 3 minutes of prep time can be a killer for me. Hey, I know my limitations!

Connor Versus: Throne of String

To see a couple more episodes of Connor Versus, see the links below:

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I love shooting these videos for a couple reasons, but the most important is that they are a lot of fun. The pros are always happy to compete, and they all hate losing, even if it’s just one of the events. Max Seibald is still texting me looking for an accuracy rematch, which is totally fair. Again, I sandbag everyone.

If you’re a professional lacrosse player or personality, and you want to test your mettle against the world’s best lacrosse blogger (I just made up that insanely grandiose title right now), drop me a line, reach out to LAS, and we’ll make it happen. If you’re in NYC and want a piece, just call me… I’ll answer the bell, but when you least expect it. That’s my only remaining advantage at this point. I’m straight up sneaky!

Thanks to Joe Williams of Throne of String for competing and enjoying the day with us. Always fun to see all of those guys!

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