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Croatia Lacrosse
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Croatia Lacrosse Roster – 2018 FIL Championships

We’re 100 days away from the 2018 FIL World Championships in Netanya, Israel and to celebrate, Croatia has released the list of 23, plus 6 alternates, to represent the country for the first time on the game’s biggest stage. Lacrosse got to Croatia around 2011, with the formation of a governing body in 2013. Although lacrosse is still young in Croatia, that hasn’t slowed down their rapid growth. They’ve developed four clubs in country, and have competed as a National Team in the festival games running alongside 2016’s European Championships.

Led by a staff that has been dedicated to their growth for the long haul, the coaches will rely on familiarity and chemistry to propel the Croatians. The roster is loaded up and you can be sure that they will be well equipped for a strong showing at their first World Championship. They will compete in the Plum Division along with New Zealand and Spain, starting with the latter on Friday, July 13th at 2:45 pm local time.

(Check out the FULL list of FIL rosters HERE.)

Now it’s time to meet the team…

Croatia Lacrosse


  • Fran Vulic (Varazdin Royals)
  • Matej Bodul (Varazdin Royals)
  • Nikola Vranesic (Zagreb Patriots)
  • Adrian Morency (Split Legion)
  • Brian Mettessich


  • Ryan Gorup
  • Filip Severin (Zagreb Patriots)
  • Bartul Marunic (Varazdin Royals)
  • Tin Cohadzic (Split Legion)
  • Filip Habekovic (Zagreb Bulldogs)
  • Domagoj Hecimovic (Zagreb Bulldogs)
  • Lovro Nucak (Zagreb Bulldogs)
  • Niko Pelicaric (Varazdin Royals)
  • Mislav Matezovic (Zagreb Patriots)
  • Kruno Cvitas (Zagreb Bulldogs)
Croatia Lacrosse


  • Bruno Srezovic Bijelic (Varazdin Royals)
  • Marko Duvnjak (Zagreb Patriots)
  • Bobby Duvnjak
  • Manny Bussanich
  • Marko Sostaric (Zagreb Patriots)
  • Nikola Simunovic (Zagreb Patriots)
  • Josko Car (Zagreb Bulldogs)


  • Ivan Sever (Zagreb Bulldogs)


  • Fran Nucak – A (Zagreb Bulldogs)
  • Dominik Eric – A (Zagreb Patriots)
  • Luka Markov – A (Zagreb Patriots)
  • Marko Zrinscak – D (Zagreb Bulldogs)
  • Krunoslav Prekat – D (Varazdin Royals)
  • Karlo Strkalj – G (Zagreb Patriots)


  • Dino Mattessich – Managing Director
  • Kevin Boyle – Coach
  • Chris Voelker – Chief Coordinator