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Custom Galaxy Gloves - x CruzWorldCustoms

Custom Galaxy Gloves – x CruzWorldCustoms

Pickup 1 of 10 pairs of custom LE Galaxy gloves, hand-painted by Kacy Small, aka CruzWorldCustoms, and available exclusively on starting TODAY!

Galaxy lovers, here’s your chance to pickup 1 of only 10 pairs of custom Limited Edition Galaxy gloves, hand-painted by artist Kacy Small, aka CruzWorldCustoms. When I say here’s you chance, I mean it! The gloves are available exclusively on starting TODAY and they’re going to go fast!

Since the project was one of Kacy’s biggest to date, we decided it would be special to show his process of completing 10 unique pairs of customized lacrosse gloves.

The gloves all started on an all black Maverik Rome NXT base. Using leather paints, just like for customizing sneakers, Kacy got to work on producing 10 individual Galaxy gloves pairs that don’tt all look the same.

Custom Galaxy Gloves - x CruzWorldCustoms

Custom Galaxy Gloves - x CruzWorldCustoms

Kacy then applied the various Galaxy base colors of pinks, purples and blues into in unique patterns across all 10 pairs.

Custom Galaxy Gloves - x CruzWorldCustoms

Each pair was then meticulously finished with white stars to make the appearance of space come to life!

10 pairs as once?! This guy is a mad man!

Custom Galaxy Gloves - x CruzWorldCustoms

Another amazing job by CruzWorldCustoms! To get your hands on, or should I say in, a pair of these bad boy, you better hurry!

To add a pair of these exclusive mitts to your gear bag, head over to to cop a pair of Galaxy gloves before it’s too late!

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