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D1 Rundown: Big Time Games, Teams and Players!

Did you not spend your entire weekend on the couch streaming every game you possibly could? NO? Well, you’re in luck, because I did! Welcome to the D1 Rundown, where I recap all the recent NCAA D1 men’s lacrosse scores, top players, top teams, and top power conferences!

Here’s a quick hitting post covering all the big stuff that happened in D1 over the weekend.  If you want some more thoughts on some individual teams, check out Connor’s poll rankings. Without much further ado…

D1 Rundown Scoreboard: Feb 19 – Feb 21

Friday, Feb 19

12 Lafayette vs. Wagner 7

Saturday, Feb 20

19 Robert Morris vs. Manhattan 6
7 Georgetown vs. Notre Dame 12
13 Harvard vs. Villanova 12 OT
6 Marist vs. Air Force 7 4OT
7 Quinnipiac vs. Brown 20
16 Massachusetts vs. Ohio State 9
5 UMBC vs. Richmond 7
15 Maryland vs. High Point 10
14 Vermont vs. Holy Cross 8
10 Boston U. vs. Hartford 16
11 Colgate vs. Binghamton 4
7 Drexel vs. Virginia 14
8 Fairfield vs. Bucknell 13
9 Loyola vs. Johns Hopkins 8
9 Mercer vs. Detroit 8
9 Marquette vs. Bellarmine 7
10 Providence vs. Bryant 12
10 Sacred Heart vs. Dartmouth 8
15 Saint Joseph’s vs. VMI 5
7 UMass Lowell vs. Yale 17
12 Duke vs. Denver 14
7 Furman vs. Lehigh 15
9 Towson vs. Mount St. Mary’s 5
5 North Carolina vs. Hofstra 10
11 Army vs. Rutgers 12
7 Cornell vs. Penn State 8
21 Princeton vs. NJIT 4
12 Penn vs. Michigan 10
12 Hobart vs. Siena 9

Photo Credit: Dusty Gunn 

Sunday, Feb 21

22 Army vs. VMI 3
5 Navy vs. Delaware 1
14 Stony Brook vs. St. John’s 6
16 Syracuse vs. Albany 7

The Stat Freaks – BALLER Alert!

Offensive Producers

Lafayette’s Jason Sands: 1G, 7A vs. Wagner
Lafayette’s Eric Joseph: 5G, 1A on 7 shots vs. Wagner
Maryland’s Bryan Cole 3G, 4A vs. High Point
Yale’s Ben Reeves 4G 3A on 4 shots vs. UMass-Lowell
St. Joseph’s Mike Rastivo 5G, 5A vs. VMI
St. Joseph’s Chris Blewitt 3G, 4A vs. VMI
Princeton’s Zach Currier 4G, 3A on 4 shots vs. NJIT
Stony Brook’s Challen Rogers 3G 4A vs. St. John’s

Defensive Stoppers

Yale’s Mark Glicini 7GBs vs. UMass-Lowell
Holy Cross’ James Leary 6GBs vs. Vermont
Bellarmine’s Taylor Stuart 4CTs & 5GBs vs. Marquette
Army’s Tim Stackpole 6GBs vs. Rutgers

Faceoff Winners

Robert Morris’ Chris Barney 18/22 FOs (81.8%), 8GBs vs. Manhattan
Brown’s Will Gural 11/14 FOs (78.6%) vs. Quinnipiac
St. Joseph’s Mike Lanham 17/22 FOs (77.3%) vs. VMI
Bucknell’s  Jarett Witzal 16/22 FOs (72.7%) 7GBs vs. Fairfield
Notre Dame’s P.J. Finley 16/21 FOs (76.2%) vs. Georgetown
Sacred Heart’s Mike Calvagna 18/21 FO (85.7%) 12GBs vs. Dartmouth
Towson’s Alec Burckley had 7GBs on 8 face off wins (13 attempts) vs. Mount St. Mary’s
Princeton’s Charlie Durbin 7/10 FOs 5GBs 2G on 2 shots vs. NJIT
Cornell’s Domenic Massimillian 14/19 FOs (73.7%) with 10 GBs & 1G vs. Penn State

Goalies Making Stops

Lehigh’s Adam Sawicki 15 Saves, 68.2% vs. Furman
Harvard’s Robert Shaw 19 saves vs. Villanova
Air Force’s Doug Gouchoe 19 saves vs. Marist
Marist’s Brian Corrigan 17 saves vs. Air Force
Fairfield’s Tyler Behring 23 saves vs. Bucknell
Hopkins’ Brock Turnbaugh 16 saves vs. Loyola
Drexel’s Jimmy Joe Granito 8GB, 17 Saves vs. UVA
Mercer’s Mike Nugent 18 Saves vs. Detroit
Providence’s Tate Boyce 21 saves vs. Bryant
Vermont’s Jon Kaplan 17 saves vs. Holy Cross
Albany’s Blaze Riorden 17 saves vs. Syracuse

The Big Upsets and Surprises

  • UMass really made a statement by topping Ohio State by 7.  Both teams are replacing their top scorers, but Ohio State is relying on a little bit more youth that they’d like to. If UMass keeps this going, it could make the CAA very interesting.
  • High Point made Maryland work for their eventual win, leading 6-4 at the half.  Maryland used a huge third quarter to come away victorious. Danehy nailed it. 3rd quarter is SO important!
  • Hofstra topping UNC is a puzzling result to say the least. Has Hofstra put all the pieces together? Is this just a blip on the radar for UNC’s season? This is one of those early season outcomes that raises more questions than it answers. Hofstra’s Sam Llinares is not one of those questions though. Following up his great 2015 season, he scored five goals against the Tar Heels.
  • Denver topping Duke shouldn’t have been a surprise, but I personally thought the early season travel favored Duke, all else being equal. Fans got to see a great game in Georgia with this one.
  • Richmond topping UMBC isn’t much at face value, but it’s another piece of evidence that the Spiders can do more than just beat the teams in their conference. For such a young programs, wins like this matter.
  • Hartford topping Boston University is a minor setback for BU as they really had some momentum going with a 3-0 start. It also is not bad idea to keep an eye on Hartford.
  • Penn State’s win over Cornell in Ithaca is a sign that the Big Ten should really have some great competition this season.  It was a minor upset, but I don’t think Cornell’s left reeling, nor is Penn State going to be overconfident from it.
  • Syracuse beating Albany was mostly expected, but I don’t think many saw the win margin being what it was. Syracuse is still tinkering with their lineup quite a bit. Albany did surprise me (in a good way) and I think they’ll improve quite a bit as the year goes on. Remember, this was game one for the Danes, and game #2 for Cuse. It matters!

Conference Comparison

Here I’m comparing all the conference records against all the other conference records, because I like to know which conferences clean up in the win department when playing out of conference. Can’t stop saying conference.

For now it’s alphabetical, but that doesn’t mean it’s not telling us all that much!

The ACC, Big Ten, Ivy, and Patriot are all strong conferences in 2016. They have a bunch of out of conference wins and a solid winning percentage, but right now it doesn’t look like any one conference will run away with the title of “top conference in 2016”. It should be tight and that’s exciting.

It also shows just how many early games some of these teams and conferences are playing nowadays! I’m not shocked that the Southern Conference has played 20 games total, but for the Patriot to have played total 24 games by Feb 22nd is shocking. I’m also kind of amazed that a conference called the “Northeast” has played 16 games when it’s clearly still winter. I’m not grouchy, just amazed.

Finally, you have to ask if it’s going to be a rough year in the MAAC in 2016. A 1-9 start for the teams out of conference is not a good sign. Monmouth however, did beat Jacksonville 11-5, and they looked really good doing so. Is Monmouth the new MAAC favorite? That would be quick!

I’ll be back next week with more scores, scorers, savers, scoopers, surprisers, shockers, and conference comparisons, so prepare to let your inner stat geek out.