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d3 Quarterfinals
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D3 Quarterfinals – Tyler Vs Connor

We’re picking winners for the D3 Quarterfinals, so welcome to more Tyler Vs Connor: D3 Pick ‘Em!

I will recap last round’s games, and had we fared picking games, then we’ll run down all 4 quarterfinal games, and make our selections. Connor holds a slim 1 game margin… for now. Money making time is upon us.

Quick 2nd Round Recap

We both went 6 for 8 on our predictions, with the only double down loss being the RIT Tigers losing at home to Amherst. I’m an RIT alum so obviously I was going to pick RIT. But CW not picking Amherst? Missed opportunity, you dirty NESCAC homer! (Note from CW: Amherst is my least favorite NESCAC school. Fact.)

RIT vs. Amherst – RIT didn’t lock down Moroney, and didn’t win. This one hurts… a lot. (BOTH WRONG)

Springfield vs. St.Lawrence – Well, at least I got this one right! Larries move on to try and avoid Amherst sweeping LL teams. (TR WINS)

Ithaca vs. Montclair St. – Both agreed. Bombers took care of business against MSU and get a date with some Jumbos (BOTH RIGHT)

Cortland vs. Tufts – First one to 14 wins…and then 15, 16, 17,18 and 19 too! Way too much horsepower for the Dragons (BOTH RIGHT)

Salisbury vs Colorado College – Not the largest margin of victory, but a big win nonetheless (BOTH RIGHT)

Aurora vs. Denison – Too much Denison, next! (BOTH RIGHT)

Gettysburg vs. Cabrini – I went with the upset and ended up with a foot in my mouth. Not making the same mistake again! (CW WINS)

W&L vs York – Connor said 3+ goals, I said squeaker… York wins nonetheless (BOTH RIGHT)

The overall lack of highlight videos from the above games is surprising and sad. Come on SIDs… we need videos! We’re greedy for lacrosse content. Sorry?

NCAA D3 Quarterfinals – Winners?

Amherst vs. SLUCW: Listen, I don’t like Amherst. Never have… BUT, they have one of the most dynamic guys on O and a great core. Therefore I’ll take St. Lawrence. The 2016 season is confusing me, so I’m picking the team I don’t think will win, to win, in a close one. That makes sense, right? TR: Can Amherst make it a three-peat over Liberty League teams? Heck, why not? Gimme ‘Herst. (DISAGREE)

Ithaca vs. TuftsCW: On paper, I like Ithaca here, but this game isn’t being played on paper. Tufts is battle tested, Ithaca has only played TWO top 20 teams. Tufts on the road. TR: Tufts has to go on the road here. Going with an all NESCAC Semifinal, and a rematch of the NESCAC Championship. Tufts by 3. (AGREE)

Salisbury vs. DenisonCW: Salisbury is rolling, at home, at night. GULLS. TR: Same result from earlier on in the year, even though Denison is clicking. I’ll take the Gulls. (AGREE)

Gettysburg vs. York – CW: The magic bullet runs out of steam and York makes their way to the Final Four. TR: Got some intel this weekend, and won’t make the same mistake. Don’t make me regret it buddy! Bullets in tight one. (DISAGREE)

There you have it! Connor and I disagree on TWO of the four games… so who will be MORE right? We’ll have to wait and see! Do you feel differently? Hit us up in the comments with any intelligent predictions. On unintelligent ones, like Connor’s. Those are clearly ok too.