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MBYLL x LaxAllStars
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Danvers Youth Lacrosse (MBYLL)

Danvers Youth Lacrosse is a member of the Massachusetts Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL). The club welcomes players of all abilities in grades K-8.

MBYLL x LaxAllStars

Danvers Youth Lacrosse (MBYLL)


  • Danvers, Massachusetts

Why You Should Register:

  • Danvers Youth Lacrosse (DYL) welcomes players of all abilities in grades K-8 and encourages new and/or inexperienced players to begin their lacrosse experience at any age. The DYL regular spring season begins in mid-March and ends in June with a league jamboree.

Program Size:

  • 11-50 teams

Featured Coaches:

  • Paul Bartlett – League President, Girls Director. Coach of pretty much every team (at one point all at the same time). Paul is the cog that drives DYL and keeps everything running smoothly. He has grown the girl’s side of the program substantially since joining and is also the MBGYLL Northeast Regional director. Paul also excels at keeping the peace in the all too intense youth lacrosse scene.
  • Peter Roy – All around great guy and a great coach who has been involved with DYL for 7 years. Wesleyan College alum who was the all-time leading scorer when he graduated. A few have since surpassed his point total but they were not using traditional pockets so that doesn’t count.

Contact Information

Contact: Chad R. Gadbois


Phone: (978) 774-0464

Facebook Profile: