Iroqoius vs Cortland State - Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update
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Denver 2014 International Lacrosse Update

The FIL 2014 World Lacrosse Championships are rapidly approaching, so this is important time for International Lacrosse teams worldwide. National teams around the world are preparing to make the trip to Colorado for two weeks (or more in some cases) in July, and that means a lot of training camps, scrimmages, and quite a bit of fundraising!

For more on Denver 2014, check out our dedicated section, brought to you by Brine Lacrosse!

England Scrimmages

Durham is a dominant program in BUCS, the English University sporting system. The team is usually loaded up with former NCAA players studying for their master’s degrees at Durham. The English team beat Durham 12-7 in a recent scrimmage, as the English played a high pressure D and gained an advantage in the second half.

On March 2nd, England will take on the LDO (local development officer) team, which is also made up of Americans playing abroad in the UK.

Thailand Heads To Singapore

The TLA will take their training team to Singapore for scrimmage and practice action with another nation in mid-March. The Political situation in Thailand has made training as a team in country difficult, so the team is looking to head to Singapore for a weekend of playing together.

Thailand Lacrosse Association Payu

Originally, Singapore, Malaysia, and Taiwan were all heading to Bangkok, Thailand, for that weekend’s Enigma Cup. The event had to be cancelled for the same political reasons. The team is still excited to come together and head to Denver this Summer.

Ireland Vs Israel – NYC

On March 16th, Ireland and Israel will both be in New York City, and the two sides will scrimmage on St. Patrick’s Day. That’s a cool event, and one you should definitely try to check out if you live in the area. Ireland will be in NYC for four days playing and training in mid-March.


German National Team Announced

Attack: Brandenburger, Marc (Köln); du Bois-Reymond, Hendrik (Köln); Giourmetakis ,Simon (Canisius College D1); Wunderlich, Tim (München); Bombosch, Kilian (Hamburg);
Alternates: Adam Eakins (Hamburg), Brendan Shea (Limestone D2), Marek Beck (Hamburg)

Midfield: Frank, Christopher (Blax); Heintze, Eric (Stuttgart); Mattes, Chris (Florida Launch MLL); Murphy, Chris (Florida Southern D2); Rullan, Andrew (Duke D1); Spiegel, Moritz (Hamburg); Baum, Christian (Köln); Broz, Philipp (Köln); Griessl, Wolfgang (München); Lehmhaus, Lorenz (Düsseldorf)
Zizka, Caspar (Köln);
Alternates: Goeser, Stefan (Köln); Miegel, Max (München)

Defense: Bieber, Max (BHC); Fohrmann, Benedikt (München); Lehna, Matthias (München); Miofsky, Jan (Stuttgart); Rachfall, Jonathan; Tophoven, Lukas (BHC); Werner, Philip (München);
Alternates: Philipp Jahnke (Bielefeld), Charly Kusch (Köln)

Goal: Maas, Philipp (Aachen); Turowski, Florentin (BHC)
Alternate: Christoph Koehler (Düsseldorf)

Uganda Reaches Goal

Uganda had a lot of fundraising still to do, but it looks like it was a success, and the Cranes are headed to Denver as the first African nation to ever compete in the World Championships.

-Uganda lacrosse national championship africa lax

And don’t forget to check out these scrimmage photos from the Iroquois Nationals taking NCAA D3 Cortland State!