Dive Outs: The Timeless Art of Racing to Regain Possession
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Dive Outs: The Timeless Art of Racing to Regain Possession

This play could happen 20 times in a game or not at all. If it’s down to the wire and both teams are chomping for the win, you can bet that you’ll see a good dive out at least once before the game ends. We’re talking about at least one member of each squad in a full out sprint to the sideline in an attempt to secure possession on a shot going out of bounds. Right before it’s time for the referee to make his call as the ball crosses the line, the players dive head first in a final attempt to outstretch the other.

Often misquoted by players, coaches and fans alike, the rule in field lacrosse is ageless and simple: the first one to the spot of the ball when and where it goes out of bounds should be given possession, as long as that player is eligible for play and on the field. The unique rule has made lacrosse an intriguing sport for decades since the offense and defense have an equal right to claiming possession on errant shots. Shooters don’t have to fear letting it rip and defenses have a shot at a bailout when they can’t force a turnover.

The Art of Dive Outs courtesy of Lax Film Study

Some crazy exciting moments in lacrosse history have been the result of the dive out and Lax Film Study has uncovered some of the finer ones of the game’s past. From all-time rivalries to the National Championship, dive outs have affected the biggest games in lacrosse history.

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