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Tuesdays w/ Con ≈ Do Whatever It Takes to Win

Not often do you look at a quote like this and realize it’s actually spot on to how you should play the game.

When you’re in the game, never hesitate, do whatever it takes to win.

Obviously we ruined it’s credibility when we made a stupid joke by throwing the ball lefty into the goal like an idiot, but there’s some truth in this bad boy. I think the best way to play the game is to not think, or hesitate, too much about what you do.

The great players are guys who let the game come to them. When an opportunity presents itself they seize it and capitalize.

Like in life, when we try to force things to go our way and plow head first to our immediate goal, things usually end up exploding in our face. Sometimes there are thick concrete walls you just can’t bust through and you’ve got to take the time to walk around.

Don’t Be That Guy

That’s the kind of do whatever it takes to win perseverance coaches want to see in their players. Guys who are willing to be tenacious and diligent in their effort, not the do whatever it takes to win by sharpening your shaft and shanking guys on the field. Yeah, you don’t want to be that guy, or the guy who’s cup checking dudes on the crease, or the guy who picks up the ball with his left hand and throws it in the goal. You don’t want to be those guys either.

I guess the moral of this whole lesson is simple: Be inspired by this quote, don’t hesitate, play your game the way you know how, persevere when walls stop you from going where you want to go, and most importantly don’t be that guy in the video. Never be that guy in the video.

Can we all agree on that? Boom Town.

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