Dyeing Lacrosse Heads Just Got Epoch!
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Dyeing Lacrosse Heads Just Got Epoch!

Friday was a glorious day for dye artists everywhere! LaxAllStars.com partner Epoch Lacrosse broke ground with the announcement that dyeing lacrosse heads will no longer void their warranty, going as far as removing the word “dye” completely from the Hawk’s previous warranty agreement.

It seems like since the birth of plastic heads, if you got caught dipping your head in a bucket of Rit Dye and then snapped the plastic during a game, practice or just messing around, you’re shucks out of luck.

The claim that heat applied to the head during the dye process will weaken the plastic (which can be true with some heads), therefore making the head more prone to snapping or other abnormalities, was keeping manufacturers from wanting to replace any head that was dyed, unless dyed by that specific manufacturer (Warrior, Brine and others have sold pre-dyed heads with warranties).

We understand that players like to customize their sticks to better reflect their personalities both on and off the field,” said James Miceli, Principal of Epoch Lacrosse.

“Dying heads has been a part of the game for a very long time and has quickly become an industry unto itself. We understand and fully support the head dying community and marvel at the creativity and the craftsmanship that goes into these one-off works of art. At the end of the day, our engineer’s and material suppliers confirmed there really was no evidence that lacrosse heads were weakened by the color dying process. – 8/28/15 Press Release

Who would want to drop $75-120 on a brand new head, spend the time and effort of creating a masterpiece dye and then have it break right away?! What a waste of money! Most of us were left waiting until the warranty was already expired or using cheaper heads to dye with because mom and dad would kill us if we voided the warranty on that clean new head they just bought us!

Well mom and dad, fear no more. Epoch has opened the gates for all of us to buy an elite level head, dye it and not get paranoid about breaking it! I was asked by Brian Hochman over at Epoch to join his podcast with dyeing pioneer Justin Skaggs of Stylin’ Strings, the Switzer Brothers of Dye Lab Creations and Rebecca Fretty from Rit Dye for their Crosse Tech series, specifically Episode 6 on dyeing lacrosse heads.

Crosse Tech Dyeing Lacrosse Heads Image Epoch Lacrosse


Not only do we talk warranties, but we discuss the changing of times, open source learning, the possibilities of the future and so many other great topics all focused on dyeing lacrosse heads!

I urge you to take the time to listen through the entire podcast to hear all of our thoughts and opinions on the landscape of dyeing and how Epoch Lacrosse is helping to aid the charge to inspire kids and boost creativity by extending the Hawk’s warranty to include heads that have been dyed.

I highly recommend subscribing to the Crosse Tech podcasts featured on the Epoch Blog and on iTunes. It’s my hope that other manufacturers out there are taking notes and will follow suit. I want to see the warranty restrictions lifted across the board ASAP!