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Putting the ECD DNA To The Test

Impact testing will give you good predictability of a head weakening, but it’s not the worst thing you can do. See if the ECD DNA can withstand the heat.

We’ve all scene the videos of the ECD DNA being tested in a brutal impact test.  You haven’t? Check this out

ECD DNA Impact Testing

While impact testing will give you a good predictability of where and how a head will weaken, it’s not the worst thing you can do to a head.  Heat will weaken and cause a head to fail quicker than anything. Heat will cause the nylon fibers in the head to elongate and stretch (that’s how the head absorbs dye).  Do this over a long enough period of time and you’ll turn your head into Tupperware.  

Now the ECD DNA has a new Flex Form material that has been shown to keep its shape better than most heads (again, see the video above).  However, can the DNA take the heat? Let’s see.

I was lucky to get ahold of the DNA early and used it in my floating sidewall article.  Since then, I have put this head through a battery of torture tests that would weaken even the strongest head.  How did I do that? Here’s how:

  1. When not using my DNA, I have left it in my car.   Doesn’t sound like much? I live in northern Virginia where the summers are hot and humid.  Add that to the fact that my car interior is black, and you have the perfect environment to bake a head.
  2. The second worst thing you can do to a head, dye it.  Now properly done, dyeing a head won’t impact the structural integrity that much.  However, leaving a head in a dye pot on heat for an hour is pretty sure to ruin the head.  

Now, I know what you’re thinking, “I leave my stick in my car all the time!” 

If you do, take a look at the head and see how easily you can pinch the head mid center.  Don’t think heat is something companies worry about? Next time your local store unpacks a box of heads from the manufacturer, you’ll see they are all in plastic bags and some will have silica packets in the box as well……

So, can the DNA take the heat?

Can It Take The Heat?

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