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End Of Summer Lacrosse Video Explosion

Oh my holy goon-fest. You know it’s bad when every reaction is, “oooahhh.” That was Jack Lingo playing in the OC tourney. They had some top names on the squad like Bradman and Harrison, but also some real meatsticks, like Josh Rachman. Bringing the pain in a serious way. Ouch.

Ok, now that the pain train has left the station, let’s all face it together: Summer is over. Sad face. I know, I know, you’re as bummed as I am. But don’t fret because lacrosse is still alive and kicking, and there is plenty to see and do. Check out this post to see, then get outside and do. It’s super proven science.

Close Up Highlights?

Most high school highlight tapes are hard to watch because the focus is so wide, and it makes the individual players so small. But this tape went the opposite direction, and stayed super tight on the player. I think we need to find a middle ground, although this approach is certainly different! What do you think?

Minnesota National Guard Gets Involved

Box Goal From Las Vegas


Let’s Jump Off Some Rocks!

Nigel Andrews – Electric Potential

He’s going to Deerfield, plays a LOT of lacrosse, and has tons of potential.

Keep an eye on Andrews. If he keeps progressing, he could be a real player.

Lake Erie – 2013 D2 Highlights

Their mascot is an angry tornado, named Storm. Or it’s a storm that looks like a tornado. Either way, I like it.

Better late to the highlight game than never!

It’s Pretty…

NJCAA Highlights

Who doesn’t love a little JuCo action? Howard and Essex do battle. Biased reporting, but whatever. I like it!