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College Coaches on 2015 Face-Off Rules Changes

Every other year, the NCAA tries out some rule changes with the intent of improving the game and keeping the true spirit of the game intact. 2015 was a “new rules” year for college lacrosse and some of the biggest visual and playing differences come from the amended faceoff procedures.

Face-off rules have taking an extreme level of scrutiny over the last few years as some coaches believe that the idea of jamming the ball in the back of the stick to pick it up is removing some of the true skill that lacrosse is known for. Other coaches just feel that these complaints are coming from coaches who don’t have athletes that can do it as well.

Whatever the reason may be doesn’t matter now because the rules are set in stone for the season and guys have played this way all year-long. Inside Lacrosse sits down with a handful of the game’s most prestigious coaches and gets their varying opinions on the new face off rules changes for 2015.

Hear the commentary from:

The drastic spread of opinions and attitudes give a clear look into how the game of lacrosse is perceived differently and how our sport is so unique that even the game’s top minds don’t agree with how the Creator’s Game should be played.