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Myles Jones: Weapon of Choice

One of the most explosive and dominant players to grace the modern college lacrosse field, Myles Jones is running over the competition and at 6’4″ 240 lbs, they’re starting to get out of his way. Leading a team that’s averaging over 16 goals per game, Jones has 32 points and 17 goals so far in 2015 after 6 contests.

Check out the stick Myles used to average over 4 points per game through his last 11 games in Duke’s 2014 championship season.

Myles’ Weapon of Choice

Who else likes their mesh as hard as possible?

The Blue Devils return to the field on Saturday, hosting the Loyola Greyhounds for a 1pm ET start on ESPN 3!

Props to Inside Lacrosse for letting us in to the world of Myles Jones and his gamers!