field lacrosse shot clocks with Leverage Lacrosse
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Field Lacrosse with a Shot Clock in High School

Chris Jewett of Leverage Lacrosse reached out to us this week to let us know about why he applied a shot clock to his field lacrosse program and how his high school team has seemed to respond so far.

Coach Jewett adapted a 60 second shot clock to fit the field game after they saw the success of the 30 second clock in their Los Angeles Box Lacrosse League games. They held a Leverage scrimmage with a visible shot clock on the sidelines and it seemed to really keep the player engaged and playing at a rapid pace.

The scrimmage revolved the faceoff to work on transition and to make the players really push the ball the length of the field while setting up and executing an offense.

Personally, other than the cost attributed to having visible shot clocks present, I believe they are a perfect addition to our game and we’ve already seen some awesome improvements to the pace of the college game, which will be implemented this year for NCAA DI through MCLA DII.

Check out the Leverage Lacrosse website and follow them on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to learn more about the program and their progressive techniques!

Have you been to a sub-college field lacrosse event and witnessed, or played with, shot clocks in action? Let us know what you think about using the technology and whether it is truly implemented to improve the game!