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Wes Berg - First Lacrosse NFT Collection
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First Lacrosse NFT Collection: Wes Berg, NCAA Championship Edition

Pro lacrosse star Wes Berg and the creative team at MSN Lazer recently teamed up to release the first lacrosse NFT collection. The collection commemorates Berg’s 2015 NCAA Championship run at University of Denver.

Not familiar with NFTs yet? No problem!

To put it simply, this collection of digital art from Wes Berg and MSN Lazer has been minted on the blockchain in limited supply. Each item has its own unique identifier that guarantees its authenticity.

It’s no surprise that Berg, who plays for San Diego Seals in the National Lacrosse League, would be the first pro lacrosse player to make a move with crytpo and, more specifically, non-fungible tokens.

The owner of the Seals is Joe Tsai, also owner of the Brooklyn Nets and a member of the NBA’s blockchain advisory committee. It’s safe to bet that Berg has soaked up some knowledge during his time in San Diego!

Explore the first lacrosse NFT collection below and let us know what you think!

WES BERG’S NCAA Championship


’15 NCAA Champion Shot Card

’15 NCAA Champion Hero Card

’15 NCAA Champion CAPSULE