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Forum Friday: MCLA Scholarships

Forum Fridays

Welcome to Forum Friday! With all the great talk going on in the Lacrosse All Stars Forums, we want to give you the chance to join in on the conversation and let your voice be heard. Each Friday we will showcase one of our Forum topics for you to check out and join in on.

This week, there is some great talk right on scholarships in the MCLAAGuyThatLikesLax posted the following question:

I didn’t think MCLA schools could offer scholarships for playing lacrosse?

“One really impressive thing to note from the press release is the announcement that Great Falls’ program will be able to offer scholarships for some players.”

Great Falls to Add Men’s Lacrosse Program

Several people have already joined the conversation to clear things up and discuss scholarships in the MCLA and how they impact eligibility. Want to add something to the conversation? Click here.

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