Lax All Stars Forums
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Lax All Stars Forums Have Arrived!

With the lacrosse world still reeling from the loss of, has decided to enter the breach and launch brand new Forums!

We still can’t believe CollegeLax is gone. It provided a great resource and its forums were a dynamic area for discussion about the Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association (known as the MCLA). Now MCLA fans, alumni, coaches and players need a new place to call home. Luckily, we here at are prepared to provide shelter in new and exciting ways! Exhibit A: MCLA Fan. Exhibit B: the new LAS Forums…

To lose a communication tool and major resource like the MCLA did last week has the potential to be very damaging, and because we love this league (Did you know our founders are proud MCLA Alumni? You do now!), we are stepping up to give the MCLA what it deserves.

You see, forums present the best opportunity for a large, but closely knit group of people to talk obsessively about their passion. Over the years, this has been one of the things that has helped the MCLA thrive and stand out in the college lacrosse landscape. So while the Laxpower forums and Lacrosse Forums still exist, we feel like our LAS Forums are a critical addition to the mix.

We want to see the MCLA flourish over the coming years, and we’re going to do everything we possibly can to support it along the way.

Now, without further ado…

Welcome to the Lax All Stars Forums!

Lax All Stars Forums

A little more background information for those interested:

We weren’t planning on dropping forums on the LAS media platform. We toyed with the idea for MCLA Fan back in 2009, but we decided to stick to news, reporting and general blogging instead. However, after an outcry of requests and inquiries last week, the need was realized. People need a forum where the MCLA is King.

The decision to create usable forums was made quickly because knew we needed to act fast. An MCLA without forums would be a shame! Thankfully, our boy KMac was up for the challenge. He got to work… HARD. He sprinted laps around his MacBook Pro faster than any of us could decide which “off-topic” categories to include, and boom, the Lax All Stars Forums were born.

Right now the Lax All Stars Forums are incredibly simple and clean, offering Facebook login, private messaging, email notifications and seamless navigation. Naturally, however, they are still a work in progress, and there are sure to be many ways we can improve them. If you ever have any issues or feedback about the forums, please drop us a line. We’re all ears!

We’re really looking forward to hearing what LAS readers think of the new forums. Enjoy!