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PLL Stats
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Four PLL Stats That Tell The Truth

The stat gurus are back again with an update on some telling PLL stats through week two. Is your favorite player doing as well as you thought? These stats tell the truth.

PLL Stats: By The Numbers

Goals Added

A shooting analytic that uses the average percentage of possession retainment for off cage shots and assumes all on cage shots are saves (not a given) to factor in who is adding the most goals for their team.

Top 10

PlayerGoals Added
Z. Williams Whipsnakes4.9
L. Thompson Cannons4.62
M. Schlosser Waterdogs4.29
R. Brown Waterdogs4.13
J. Henningburg Redwoods3.57
P. Rabil Cannons3.5
I. MacKay Chaos3.4
R. Rees Waterdogs3.33
J. Carraway Atlas3.31
W. Manny Archers3.01

Bottom 10 

PlayerGoals Added
R. Tierney Whipsnakes-.63
B. Adams Atlas-.7
M. Kraus Waterdogs-.7
T. Ierlan Redwoods-.77
T. Reh Chaos-.77
K. McArdle Waterdogs-.77
J. Near Redwoods-.84
J. Uppgren Cannons-.91
M. Cockerton Atlas-1.26
C. Buczek Cannons-1.96

Points Created by the Dodge

This stat awards a point if a dodge sets up a goal by either drawing a slide or the player scoring himself. WARNING a lot of tracking goes into this so it’s possible errors were made

PlayerPoints Created
M. Jones Redwoods10
L. Thompson Cannons9
R. Pannell Redwoods7
G. Ament Archers7
Z. Williams Whipsnakes6
S. Rehfuss Cannons5
C. Kelly Waterdogs4
P. Rabil Cannons4
M. Schlosser Waterdogs4
J. Heningburg Redwoods4
B. Reeves Waterdogs4
R. Drenner Cannons4
T. Schreiber Archers4
Z. Currier Waterdogs4

Points Allowed

The defensive equivalent of our points created stat. (You don’t want to be on this list). You’re one on one defense created offense either through a goal being allowed or a slide leading to a goal. I had to make some judgment calls in the two man game. WARNING: This requires a lot of tracking and it’s possible errors were made. Remember that the people who get challenged the most are most likely to get on this list so take it with a grain of salt. Also guarding Lyle Thompson is a good way to get on this list.

PlayerPoints Allowed
R. Terefenko Chrome SSDM9
C. Scarpello Waterdogs SSDM6
T. Bell Cannons SSDM5
J. Rowlett Chaos DEF5
P. Harbeson Redwoods SSDM5
D. Coates Chaos SSDM 5
C. Hayes Whipsnakes SSDM 5
M. Glicini Chaos SSDM4
E. Gobrecht Waterdogs DEF4
D. Logan Atlas SSDM3
G. Epple Redwoods DEF3
B. Young Whipsnakes DEF3
J. Kielty Cannons DEF3
P. Resch Chaos DEF3
E. Glazener Redwoods DEF3
J. Richard Atlas SSDM 3

Face Offs Equated to Goals

Using the approximate value of a possession we see how many goals each FOGO gains by gaining or losing possessions in face offs

PlayerFO’s Equated to Goals
T. Ierlan Redwoods4.6
J. Nardella Whipsnakes2.99
S. Kelly Archers1.38
J. Withers Waterdogs1.15
T. Baptiste Atlas1.15
C. Farrell Chrome0.46
K. Gallagher Chaos-1.38
D. Simoneau Cannons-1.61
M. Adler Chaos-2.53
T. Kelly Cannons-2.76

It takes a tremendous amount of time to sift through film and track these PLL stats, we thank the Winston’s for their efforts!

For a raw look at team and individual stats visit the PLL stats page.