Gary Gait Overtime Game Winner, Wings '93
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Gary Gait Overtime Game Winner, Wings ’93

Short sleeves. Short shorts. No shortness of a good time. See, the times were simpler in 1993. The NLL was still the MILL and the Gait Brothers were still playing lacrosse. While we can’t go back (yet), we can dig out our dusty old VHS tapes and convert some of those old relics to digital.

Legendary NLL goaltender Dallas Eliuk has been doing just that. If you follow the Hall of Famer’s YouTube channel (highly recommended) you’ll get blast after blast from the past. He’s uploaded five videos since the quarantine started. No one stop this man.

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NEW Awesome Lacrosse Art

Our buddy Tony Becker blew us away with his prints tying lacrosse and nature back together. We loved them so much we had to get them out to the world. Six animals on posters, canvas, you name it! Check out the entire collection for yourself.

Tony Becker Art

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