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Gear Review: Evolution 2.0 Head by Warrior Lacrosse

With lacrosse season at full throttle, we wanted to make sure you’d have the scoop on all the newest equipment, so we teamed up with Lacrosse Panda, Warrior Lacrosse and Brine Lacrosse to bring you a great line-up of Gear Reviews over the next two months!

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Company: Warrior Lacrosse / Product: Evolution 2.0 HeadPrice: $69

When Warrior Lacrosse is brought up, specifically in the lacrosse head department, my mind instantly turns to the Evolution head. I remember when I got my first Evolution in 2001. It was the first model of the head, and I firmly believe that it took my game to a whole different level.

My first Evolution was super light, had great hold and an amazing channel, and it lasted for many years. To me, it is Warrior’s “bread and butter”, and I think it set the standard for heads that followed. Since then Warrior has spawned many new versions of the Evolution head, including the Evolution 2.o.

Warrior Lacrosse Evolution 2.0
Hey there good lookin’, you look slightly different than my first crush…

As of late, things have been super hectic around this guy’s household so I brought in some extra help to do this gear review. My good buddy and fellow Tahoe Dawg, Albert Garner, worked with me on this review (lets be honest, he really did nearly all but write the article).  From stringing to testing, he put in some good effort on this one.

Appearance… +10.0

First off, no one can argue that the Evolution’s sidewall and head shape are iconic.  There is no mistaking the Evolution when it comes to lacrosse heads.  This thing is an absolute beauty.  While I remember the first Evolution having a more pinched channel, the shape of the Evo 2.0 is still pinched enough that ball control is not going to be an issue.

Warrior Lacrosse Evolution 2.0
Albert putting the Evolution 2.0 to work.

The appearance of the head is aggressive, and as Jeff continues to ponder the ability to stall a ball on the sidewall, he need not worry about performing a multitude of stick tricks with this head.

The iconic shape of the sidewall isn’t just for good looks and notoriety though… the open sidewall design also helps to make the stick more lightweight. In addition, the Evolution 2.0 has pin striping along the sidewalls, which adds a very detailed and cool effect to the overall look of the head.

Stringing… +7.5

I will be the first to admit that I am not an absolute stick doctor when it comes to lacrosse.  My previous attempts at stringing lacrosse heads have been unsuccessful, to say the least. Lucky for me, Al strings up quite the stick!

The picture above does not do this pocket justice.  With a little bit of break-in time, this pocket is going to have hold beyond your wildest dreams. In addition, the head features offset technology that helps to give the stick a slightly lower pocket and gives you a little more power on your shots.

The head has enough holes in the sidewall to perform your traditional string jobs. However, definitely not as many holes as the Brine Clutch or Remix which may concern those individuals who love to get super creative with their pockets. For this reason, stringing ability loses half a point. For what we did with the string job and what the majority of laxers do though, it gets the job done just fine!

Warrior Evolution 2.0
I spy GTG Shooters, and I’m jealous of whoever wins this head on Facebook!

Stiffness… +10.0

The Evolution 2.0 is as stiff as I expected.  It is not rock solid, but it’s definitely stiff enough to perform any lacrosse move that you so desire.  I know in the past that some heads sacrifice stiffness for weight, and it seems as though the Evolution 2.0 has found a really good balance in this department.

Warrior’s patented EZ Scoop is said to make ground balls a breeze to pick-up on the run, and as you can see both Al and I had no trouble with ground balls! Whether it’s face-offs, ground balls, or even playing a little defense the Evo 2.0 will handle whatever you throw at it.

Warrior Evolution 2.0
GB’s with that 2.0

Durability… +7.5

First things first – the Evolution 2.0 is definitely an offensive-minded stick.  If you are planning on using this for defense, you might want to purchase several as it likely will not stand up to that type of game (or just pick up the Evo’s counterpart!).

However, for all of you offensive laxers out there, the Evolution 2.0 appears to be very durable.  As stated previously the head has been through many revisions, and I think this baby is solid and should last a long time.  In addition, the fewer stick holes also allow it to be slightly stronger and stiffer along the bottom rail and the reinforced Elliptical Throat design is supposed to add more stability to the head.

However, based upon past history with the Evolution, it does seem to break a little quicker than I would hope for.  Taking into effect my past history, the Evolution 2.0 loses 0.5 in this category. But here is to hoping that new technology has resolved this trend!

Warrior Evolution 2.0
The Evolution of the Warrior Evolution!

Value… +10.0

At a price point of $69.00, this head cannot be beat. Whenever I look at head prices, they always seem ridiculously high to me (but I still think that we are in the 90’s when heads were not as expensive as they are today). But the heads that have been reviewed thus far have been in the $80-90 range, and so I must say – the Evolution 2.0 is an absolute steal.

Paying less than $70 for a head from one of the best head lines ever created? Count me in. All of you offensive-minded laxers out there should definitely consider the Warrior Evolution 2.0. Buy yours before I buy them all… talk about an amazing value!

Warrior Evolution 2.0
Cody with the Warrior Evolution 2.0

Overall… +8.8/10

Overall, the Warrior Evolution 2.0 gets a very high rating in our book.  The Evolution line is iconic and as soon as you see that famous sidewall, you know exactly what the stick is all about.

For the offensive player, the Evolution 2.0 is a great stick for a player at any level (youth, high school, post collegiate).  It is light, can form a beautiful pocket, and has been tried and true for over 10 years and counting. When you factor in the price of $69, this head is an absolute must.

Warrior Lacrosse Evolution 2.0
Evo me this, Evo me that.

Do you own an Evolution 2.0? Let us know what you think of it in the Comments Section below!