Bates Wesleyan old school lacrosse
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Show LAS Your Old School: Bates Lacrosse

I’ve known quite a few Bates Lacrosse players over the years, and I can now add Peter Carey to that group, via the magical world of Facebook.  Peter has some unreal Old School Bates Lacrosse photos from back in the day to show off, and he keeps them in an album with the title “honor the game… lacrosse!”   Indeed sir!

One of the shots shows Peter dodging against my alma mater, Wesleyan.  We missed each other by about a decade.  So close!  Peter’s brother, Paul, played one year at Wesleyan before dropping the sport for ultimate frisbee.  That does happen.  The other shot has Peter cutting through the Middleburydefense.  It’s amazing how Middlebury’s uniforms basically haven’t changed at all since then.

Bates Wesleyan old school lacrosse
Love the all black shorts.
Bates Middlebury old school lacrosse
Bates - Midd, back in the day!

A little NESCAC Old School action for you on a wonderful Thursday!

Have some Old School Photos worth showing off?  We’d LOVE to see them!  Send ’em on in