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Gear Review: ROME Arm Pads by Maverik Lacrosse

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Company: Maverik LacrosseProduct: ROME Arm PadsPrice: $74.99

The next several Gear Reviews will feature Maverik Lacrosse products. First up, we’ve got the new ROME Mid Arm Pads. New for 2012, the ROME equipment line has been highly praised by Maverik’s college teams and its elite roster of professional lacrosse players. The main feedback we’ve overheard: light, comfortable and flexible. Let’s see if these Arm Pads live up to the hype!

This review was executed a bit differently than others in the past. This time, the ROME Arm Pads were tested by several members of the LAS Team and Ronan McClure, a rising senior at Bishop Kelly High School in Boise, Idaho. All had the opportunity to use the ROME Mid Arm Pads in play and provide thorough feedback for the purpose of this review.

Maverik ROME Arm Pads Gear Review

Appearance… +10.0

The ROME Arm Pads are good looking no matter what color scheme you choose, and one thing’s for sure, you can’t go wrong with silver and white. That will go well with any uniform color! The overall look is clean, fresh and not one bit over the top like many other gimmicky pieces of padding on the market.

ROME Arm Pad Specifics
Many color options to choose from.

There is a futuristic element about these arm pads – one part Marty McFly DeLorean, one part the Lazy Boy recliner you’ve always wanted. As a few onlooking high school players mentioned, “those Rome APs are siiick.”

Comfort… +10.0

Upon taking the ROME Arm Pads out of the packaging and putting them on for the first time, they were extremely tight and kind of uncomfortable. As you start moving your arms and actually use the pads, the fabric quickly becomes more flexible and forms to your arms.

Maverik ROME Arm Pads Interior
At first, the interior nylon strap feels quite constricting.

Like many pads on the market, the more you wear them, the more comfortable they become. However, the Rome Arm Pads in particular become extremely comfortable just a few minutes after their first use. The more our testers wore them, the less they wanted to use anything else. Always a good sign when it comes to comfort!

Maverik ROME Arm Pads Gear Review
Mobility… vital to a middie’s health.

Protection… +6.0

Overall, the ROME AP’s are more protective than other arm pads that have hit the shelves over the past few seasons. Maverik offers three types of ROME arm options in case you’re looking for more (or less) protection – defensive, mids and arm guards for attackmen. The ROME Arm Guards may be the most protective, but the apple didn’t fall far from the tree when it comes to the AP’s.

Maverik ROME Arm Pads outer protection
The solid outer shell provides nice protection.

The only complaint is that there are a couple of gaps around the sides of the elbow, which could’ve been filled in with a nice flexible padding. Shark Gel technology also highlights one of the innovative features of these pads… Shark Gel is said to harden on impact, so you’ve got that going for ya!

Maverik ROME Arm Pads Gear Review
That didn’t hurt.

Durability… +7.5

Designed for lacrosse players who never stop moving on the field (i.e. midfielders), the ROME AP’s provide great mobility around the elbow joint. Maverik used a soft and flexible padding that appears to be a single piece spread across the whole outer Arm Pad. The less small parts the better as stitching can only hold on to so much.

Maverik ROME Arm Pads velcro straps
Unlike on most arm guards, these velcro straps never get in the way.

As for the way the AP’s are constructed, its straps are just the right size so they won’t ever stick out and get caught on your jersey like so many other Velcro fasteners do. The Velcro pad is stitched nicely onto the arm pad with thick thread in a zig-zag pattern, which results in a cool design as well.

After having testers try our pair out in several scrimmages, there are only a few very minor signs of use. Most of the time pads look a year old after just a few weeks!

Value… +5

At $74.99, the Maverik ROME Arm Pads are at the high end of the lacrosse arm guard price spectrum. The pads should last multiple seasons. Considering the durability, flexibility and mobility of the product (also the the appearance), this is a high-quality piece of equipment for $75.

While they are indeed great pads, they are only for players who a) want to have equipment suited for elite levels, and b) are willing to pay for it. Our overall takeaway is that they are definitely worth it if you can afford to spend the money. When in ROME…

Maverik ROME Arm Pads sharkgel
Is Sharkgel for real?


What the Maverik ROME Arm Pads lack in protection, they make up for in mobility and comfort. The good looks, seemingly excellent durability, top level comfort, and relatively competitive pricing all factor in to award a high score of 7.6 out of 10!

Maverik ROME Arm Pads Gear Review
My arm pads make gb’s look easy.

Know of some gear you wish we would review? Hit us up in the LAS Tipline and let us know what you think we check out next.