Gear Review: Easton Stealth Core Glove
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Gear Review: Stealth Core Gloves By Easton Lacrosse

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Company: Easton LacrosseProduct: Stealth Core GlovesPrice: $99.99

I fell in love with the protective aspect of Easton’s original glove offering, but many in the lacrosse world viewed the original as too stiff initially, so Easton came out with a second generation glove to give the people what they want. Did they hold on to some of the better features of their original gloves AND make improvements in flexibility, comfort, and in other key places? Read the review below to find out!

Appearance… +7.5

The Stealth Core gloves look good, and they definitely look a lot more like lacrosse gloves than the original Easton gloves did. Those sort of looked like hockey gloves, and they were bulky. The new glove sticks with a two-color look, but uses more lacrosse friendly materials. Overall, it just looks like a lacrosse glove should look, and it’s a big step up from their year 1 effort in that regard.


Comfort… +10.0

The comfort department is where Easton stepped things up in a major way. I took the gloves right out of the box, and went to play wall ball in them over 2 months ago. I could throw right away, and the gloves required very little break in time. I wore them in games, my high school players have worn them, and friends have worn them. Every single person has come back and said that the gloves were comfortable, and easily broken in.


Protection… +7.5

The original Easton Gloves would get an 11 in this category, as they are more protective than any lacrosse glove I have ever worn, but the new gloves only get a 1.5, as protective padding was definitely cut back on to increase comfort and reduce the overall profile of the gloves. The result is a very good glove, that protects your hands well, with a couple of small holes in the armor. I took a nasty check to the pinky last weekend, and am still feeling that one today. The check got me in a little gap between the pads.


One of my players also remarked how the tip of his thumb got slashed a couple times as the gloves are tight on the hand, and the fingers aren’t as long as they used to be. From what I have seen from other gloves though (Maverik Rome, STX Shadows, Nike’s gloves, Warrior Burns), this short finger approach is just the current standard for glove making.

Durability… +10

Let me be clear on the durability issue… I have taken these gloves to the limit, and they are holding up great. I use them a lot, take them out in the rain, let other people wear them, and just generally give them the business. There is NO sign of wearing out, no loose strings, no breakages, and no problems whatsoever. These gloves are guaranteed to get you through a full year of play.

Value… +7.5

At only $99.99, the Stealth Core gloves is a solid option for any college, or post collegiate, level player. They’d be GREAT gloves for any middle school player and could serve a high school player extremely well. The price tag is low for a top of the line glove, the protection is good and meets industry standards, and the gloves hold up to a serious beating.


Overall Score: 8.2/10

These Easton gloves are not the prettiest things in the world, and they don’t come in a million different custom colors. But if you’re looking for a glove that will protect your hands nicely, provide flexibility and comfort, and not break the bank, I know these gloves will serve you well.

Now, if this is the SECOND year glove for Easton, and they improved it THAT much over year 1… just imagine what they’ll come up with for Year 3! I’m thinking it could be completely revolutionary!