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Goalies Hate LongSticks GIF

As a goalie, there is nothing worse than a crank shot from 5 yards away… the second least favorite shot for most keepers has to be the long pole bomb. You never know where it’s going, the angles are different, and half the time the poles don’t even know where the ball is going. It makes for exciting lacrosse, and can be a momentum changing play.

We got a great set of game photos from Greg Vasil, and this combo of shots from the Fairfield Vs Stony Brook game (Fairfield won 15-13) makes for a great example of the above paragraph. Dylan Curry with the long pole rip!


I loved shooting with a long stick. If you’re currently a pole in high school or younger, add this to your game ASAP! Check out some of these goals on YouTube to get a taste.