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Going Offsides – Season 1 Episode Guide

We’ve now had 25 episodes of the Going Offsides podcast, wrapping up season earlier today with coach and former standout player Chazz Woodson. Since June we have put a tremendous amount of effort into finding quality guests, creating interesting dialogue, and hearing stories that we think the average lacrosse fan might not have heard before. Below we have broken down each episode into categories, making it easier than ever for you to find the episodes that would interest you most, quickly.

College Lacrosse Episodes

EP 25 – Chazz Woodson, Hampton University

EP 23 – Marty Ward, D2 Lacrosse, Iroquois Nation

EP 18 – Jordan Williams, Penn College

EP 6 – Mike Schanhals, Hope College

EP 4 – Way Too Early 2021 Championship Picks

EP 3 – Jack Smith (LTU), NAIA Lacrosse, What about Fall Ball?

EP 2 – Darry Thornton, Brevard College, Diversity in the Sport

Professional Lacrosse Episodes

EP 22 – Ric Beardsley, Atlas LC, Syracuse Lacrosse

EP 19 – Sean Quirk, Boston Cannons, Endicott College, Peak Pro Sport

EP 17 – Rachel Vallarelli, Women in Box Lacrosse

EP 10 – Hutton Jackson, Pro Lacrosse Talk

EP 9 – Miles Silva, West Point Grad and Denver Outlaws

EP 7 – Live lax is Back, Greatness of the MLL

EP 1 – PLL Island

Industry Insight

These episodes focus on the lacrosse industry, meaning they feature CEO’s, founders, investors, and inventors behind some of the worlds best lacrosse products.

EP 24 – ECD Greg, East Coast Dyes

EP 21 – Stick Making for Survival with Skaggs

EP 20 – Dan Soviero, CEO/Founder of Signature Lacrosse

EP 19 – Sean Quirk, Boston Cannons, Endicott College, Peak Pro Sport

EP 5 – True Sports Lacrosse, Garrett Wimberly, PLL and MLL excitement

International Lacrosse

EP 16 – Jakub Lipczik, Poland Lacrosse

EP 15 – Lazar Matijasevic, Serbia Lacrosse

EP 14 – Naofumi “Udo” Suzuki, Japan Lacrosse

EP 13 – Ales Golob, Slovenia Lacrosse

EP 12 – James Robertson, Denmark Lacrosse

EP 11 – Jake Silberlicht, Isreal Lacrosse

EP 8 – Iroquois in the World Games