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Great FOGOLax Camp Drill And Update

FoGoLax has been around since 2005, and last week, Matt Schomburg and Co. wrapped up their 8th straight sold out camp of the Summer. The last camp was filled with players from all over the nation including states Florida, California, Massachusetts, North Carolina, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut and New York.


With top level counselors from Maryland, Yale, Duke, Hofstra, and Dowling, the experience has been top quality, and knowledge is being dropped left and right.


Here is one of the many innovative training techniques they teach over at


I asked Schommy “what it was all about?”, and he had this to say:

Athletes were taught how to prepare both mentally and physically for the challenges faced by the lacrosse face off athlete. Specific drills and techniques are taught to help the player self diagnose certain situations that may occur during games. We believe it is essential that the player be able to “coach” themselves in situations where coaches are not around, the Fogolax system gives the students this information. We believe in 4 fundamental factors decide face off wins- Speed/Balance/technique/Power all of our drills are designed around these elements.

For more information about Fogolax and their system, visit – They look forward to helping you “Control The Game”.