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Ground Balls With A Long Stick

Editor’s Note: As part of the LAS x Trilogy partnership, Trilogy directors and coaches will be dropping tons of knowledge on you from week to week. This week, Joe Moore talks long sticks and ground balls. Make sure you check out our Training Archive as well. It’s brought to you by Trilogy!

Scooping  up groundballs with a pole is becoming more and more important at every level of the game. Effectively throwing takeaway checks is ultimately ineffective if you cannot then pick the ball up and push transition.

Protecting all six feet of your stick is imperative when picking up a groundball with a pole. Attackmen are taught to look for that but-end check to knock the defenseman off of his line while scooping GBs. By protecting both the but-end and the front end of your pole, you are leaving no clean spot for your opponent to check.

As an attackman, when the ball is on the ground, you want to constantly look for the poles’ bottom hand. By lifting or checking the bottom hand, you are making it extremely difficult for the pole to scoop a clean GB!

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