Improve Your Lacrosse Game in December

December is the loneliest month. Let’s take a look at December, and the time period between final exams and the first day of practice in January. “We don’t get a chance to be with the guys in December, because of finals,” said UNC Head Coach, Joe Breschi. “We hope to maintain through voluntary workouts what we’ve […]

Four Lacrosse Drills to Liven Up Practice

Four Lacrosse Drills to Liven Up Your Practice

Even the most experienced coaches fall into the habit of repeating the same lacrosse drills on a weekly or even daily basis. There’s nothing wrong with repeating drills, but as we all know, players crave excitement and changing up the daily routine can help not only infuse excitement into the practice, it can also help […]

10 Man Ride: What, Why & How

10 man ride

The 10 man ride is an aggressive defensive scheme in lacrosse that is utilized across different levels of the sport. This is what you need to know about it. 10 Man Ride: What, Why & How What Is a 10 Man Ride? The 10 man ride is a form of zone ride that puts pressure […]

West Genny Drill: What It Is & How It Can Help

West Genny Drill

The famous West Genny Drill has been around for my entire 32 years in lacrosse. Every coaching staff I’ve been on has utilized this drill as one of its many small-sided games. Let’s take a look at what the drill is and why virtually everyone uses it in some form. The West Genny Drill The […]

The 5 Best Lacrosse Drills to Make You Better

best lacrosse drills

I wouldn’t be the player I am today without years and years of practice. What you see on the field couldn’t be possible without countless hours of work away from the cameras and stands. Over time, I’ve honed in one what I think are the best lacrosse drills to improve as a player. It’s not […]

How to Make a Lacrosse Practice Plan

lacrosse practice plan

You just got a job as the new head coach of a promising program, and you’re very excited to get started and begin developing your system and culture. You sit down to create your first practice plan for your new lacrosse team, and you write out your favorites drills for teaching and player development, along […]

Five Lacrosse Rules Explained for Beginners

lacrosse rules for beginners

For those who are just starting out in organized lacrosse, learning the rules and how they apply can be quite the task. So, we’ve broken down five lacrosse rules that are a little more complicated or nuanced for beginners to help bridge the knowledge gap and get new players up to speed faster. Five Lacrosse […]

Why You Should Run the Salisbury Shooting Drill

Salisbury Shooting drill

James Foote is the offensive coordinator of the Flagler College men’s lacrosse team, which will play its inaugural NCAA Division II season in 2021-22, and the Southeast Territory Manager for Powell Lacrosse. The Salisbury Shooting drill is one of his many favorite offensive lacrosse drills that he will highlight and explain on Lax All Stars. […]

Three Great Youth Lacrosse Drills for Kids

3 youth lacrosse drills for kids

If you’re like me, you may have to do a double take whenever planning a practice for kids. Those favorite lacrosse drills you had as a player might not be appropriate for youth players who are newer to the game and don’t have the ability to do what adults and teenagers can do. Below, I […]

Wall Ball Drills That Will Make You Better

lacrosse wall ball drills

It sounds cliché, but it’s the golden rule in lacrosse: hit the wall. We’ve all heard it from our first practice as children to our angry college coaches who saw us drop one too many passes: HIT. THE. WALL. So, you’ll want to know some lacrosse wall ball drills. I’ve assembled five great videos to […]

Goalie Specific Drills & Tips

Lacrosse goalie drills and tips

These are some lacrosse goalie specific drills and tips to do before any training session. The most inarguable fact in lacrosse is that goalie is the toughest position to play. Not only is it the toughest to play, but it’s also the toughest to train for. Training and refining your goalie skills often times includes […]

Defining Toughness In College Lacrosse

defining toughness in college lacrosse

Every once in a while, we’ll bring a post back from the dead that was as true then as it is today. This post about Toughness in Lacrosse fits the bill 100%. Red on to see what makes tough players great.