Metrolacrosse Boston lax urban sports and learning
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Grow The Game: Paul Rabil Visits MetroLacrosse In Boston

Paul Rabil is just about as big a name as there is in the lacrosse world.  So when he conducted a surprise visit to some of the kids from the MetroLacrosse program in Boston, the players certainly took note!  One even yells out, “you’re gorgeous!” as he walks up to the group.  Kids love Rabil.  No doubt there!

MetroLacrosseis a not for profit based in Boston that was started by Zack Lehman over a decade ago in Charlestown, which is a one square mile neighborbood just North of Boston proper.  The program grew and grew, and more kids in urban areas in and around Beantown got to play the game of lax.  I actually worked for MetroLacrosse for a Summer back in the early 2000s and did their Summer Bounce camp as well as their day camp at a local Boston Community College.  We combined lacrosse and learning all Summer long, and both the counselors and the campers got a lot out of the experience.

Metrolacrosse Boston lax urban sports and learning
MetroLacrosse in action!

Now this awesome Not-For-Profit is run by Emily Helm, and anecdotally speaking, MetroLacrosse has clearly continued to improve their offering because I simply don’t compare to Paul Rabil.  He’s HUGE in lacrosse and people actually know who he is.  And on top of all that, it’s great to see that he is so willing to give back to the lacrosse community, and in such a direct way.

Earlier this week, we did a little feature on Connor Martin visiting the Harlem Lacrosse & Leadership group up at Frederick Douglass Academy in Harlem (in NYC), and now we’ve got video of Rabil doing something very similar!  Are these guys TRYING to make us do another poll?  In the last one, Connor Martin actually came out on top by around a 60/40 split.  I didn’t see that coming!  Interesting either way.

Tip of the hat to PR99 for giving back even though he’s the biggest name in lacrosse right now.  That makes him a pretty good nominee for the Kevin Durant of Lacrosse!  The video is one small piece of a 3 part TV program called Stick To It, which airs on Comcast SportsNet in the Boston area.  The shows are a product of Moody Street Pictures, based in Waltham, MA.