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Grow The Game Tour: Portland Activities & Itineraries

Lacrosse All Stars Grow The Game Tour

For an hour by hour rundown of the Grow The Game Tour in Portland, check out our list of activities and itineraries below, replete with info. If you’re looking for more info about the tour, check out our entire section dedicated to growing the game.

Monday, October 15th

  • Depart for Portland, OR – Drive time: 3 hrs
    • Pit-stop in Centralia, WA for dinner – 708 Harrison Ave, Centralia, WA 98351

We know, we were going to head to Portland on Tuesday. We decided to check out downtown Seattle as planned and got some quality filming done for a couple new LaxAllStars and Grow The Game Tour featurettes and commercials. Unfortunately for us though, Seattle decided to be Seattle and threw and solid storm at us, luckily it was right at the end of our filming so we powered through and decided to start making the trip south.

I have some family in Centralia, Washington, about 90 miles south of Seattle, so along the way we chose to make a surprise stop in Centralia at the best BBQ & Deli joint/Honey Hut in the United States. The place is called Centralia Deli, Steak & BBQ and just might be the most welcoming restaurant in Washington.

Happy Game Growers
Nothing better than a home cooked meal after being on the road for a while.

After gorging ourselves on food and great company for a few hours, we loaded back up the RV, and made a short trip to a local RV park to rest our weary heads.

Tuesday, October 16th

  • Arrive in Portland, OR – Drive time: 2 hrs

After getting into Portland, we parted ways with Mike and Henry for a few days. Mike went to spend some quality time with family before the event on Thursday and Henry had to head to Los Angeles to get a little work done before meeting up with us again for our final GTG Tour stop this weekend in San Francisco.

The rest of us have tied ourselves down to a local coffee shop to get some solid time in on the computer.

Wednesday, October 17th

  • Work out of the Rhino Lacrosse office

Portland, Oregon

Thursday, October 18th

  • Work out of the Rhino Lacrosse Office

It’s been pretty real here in Portland. We’ve been able to take the downtime to get back to GTG‘ing the interweb and take some of the burden off CW’s shoulders. While work and meetings have taken up a huge chunk of our time, a few of us have been able to take in some of what Portland has to offer in our freetime – some fondue, the MAX, Voodoo donuts, and even the Nike Employee store. Right now though, we are just hashing out some last minute details before we head south to Lakeridge HS to take in the Rhino 3.3 tournament this evening.

We are excited to take a little different approach to this tour stop. Our friends at Rhino Lacrosse have helped put together a sweet 3v3 tournament at the local tennis courts in Lake Oswego. Make sure to check out the link above to see the full details on the tournament. If you’re in the Portland area, I would definitely suggest trying to sign up. How often do you get to play against professional lacrosse players?!

Friday, October 19th

  • Depart for San Francisco – Drive time: 10 hrs, 48 mins
  • GAS in Ashland, OR
  • Arrive in Moraga, CA for the evening

We’ll spend Saturday and Sunday in San Francisco with the Firehawks Lacrosse program. Stay tuned for more info!