Grow The Game

Grow The Game
Stories about growing the sport of lacrosse and spreading the game to new areas. From beginners to professional players, anyone can #GrowTheGame!
How do you Grow the Game? If you ask almost anyone in the lacrosse world how to grow our sport, they will probably have an answer for you.
A Japanese Box Lacrosse experience from Kohta Kurashima! Kohta just played his first ever games of box lacrosse at the LASNAI, and he's a fan of the game already!
Jason Graber talks about Wheelchair Lacrosse, a growing sport that started in 2009. Will it make the Paralympic Games?
I'm in Spain. Alone. Bruce went home yesterday, and I miss my little travel buddy already. I’ll be going “home” soon enough but not yet!
Africa Lacrosse is a hot topic for discussion, but what does the future hold for Uganda, Kenya, and their 7v7 lacrosse development model?
Meet the Voelkers, an American family who traveled to Europe to hand-deliver lacrosse equipment to teams in need.
Mike Powell travels the world, meets amazing people, and makes great films. What he's doing with the new Pathfinders Series is all that and more.
Historically, there has not been a lot of lacrosse in the South Bronx of NYC. That is changing, and Highbridge Green Lacrosse now has a team!

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