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Growing Lacrosse Around The World
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Growing The Game Around The World: We Did Not Invent This

Do you remember the day Mother Earth bestowed the game of lacrosse on the Native people? Do you remember what the weather was like on that day?

Neither do I. That moment is so eternally far in our past that I’ll even go out on a limb here and state there’s nobody alive today who was ever there to begin with.

Fast forward two thousand and seventeen years since the ol’ annual calendar kicked in, and we arrive at today. Together. Imagine that.

There’s never been a better time than now

Why now and not then? Why didn’t the game grow faster during earlier times? History books describe how times have changed over the years, so if you’re asking me those questions I’ll respectfully respond, “Go back to class.”

As the 21st Century comes to a close, we are entering a golden era for Internet technologies that is guaranteed to make our game the most popular sport in the world if the industry listens. I realize how this may come across as a bold statement if you don’t know me personally.

So, all I can suggest is that you come to the US Lacrosse Convention this weekend in Baltimore and meet me. Meet my team. Come meet our team, connect with our Inc. 5000 client in SISU Mouth Guard, and take the opportunity to familiarize yourself with technology that is growing the game daily on a global scale.

We didn’t invent this game

Okay, at this point I hope I’ve got you on the edge of your seat if you’re still reading. I hope you’re salivating at the simple idea the game could grow to become more popular than baseball, football, basketball, and maybe, yes, just maybe even soccer.

But before we can take this any further, I first must remind you of one critical matter: We did not invent lacrosse. Our beautiful game predates modern history and to some (read: this guy), it even predates mankind. So who are we to dictate its endlessly bright future?

Too many times in too many places, lacrosse players of all shapes, sizes, ages, pedigrees, and egos make the mistake of judging one another’s personal preferences. If we did not invent this game, then what gives us the right to keep people away from it?

Collectively, we’ll all need to step up in this little industry that could if we want to truly create positive social change. It’s time we all let go of a lot of this black-and-white thinking that’s making the lacrosse industry stagnant.

If we all come together we can game to the outer limits.