GTG Tour Montana Excursion


Lacrosse All Stars Grow The Game Tour

We’ve been on the road with the Grow The Game Tour for a few days now, so I thought it’d be cool to share some photos from my iPhone.

More content to come as we get a little downtime leading into next week. Stay tuned!

20121007-021749.jpgTeam GTG

20121007-021834.jpgThe Dutchmen

20121007-013828.jpgBreakfast burritos and coffee on our way out of town

20121007-021937.jpgThe team’s fortune from Panda Express in Idaho Falls

20121007-022130.jpgSharpie party

20121007-022026.jpgIt was all yellow

20121007-022204.jpgBear wanted a seatbelt


20121007-022315.jpgGoldfish and pocket pounding

20121007-022357.jpgMust. Go. Fishing.

20121007-013258.jpgPrepping for Missoula

20121007-022427.jpgBig Sky Country

20121007-022334.jpgRV effects

20121007-022457.jpgKevin Flynn’s man shed

20121007-013354.jpgKrieg going that extra mile

20121007-013408.jpgMatty G putting on a show

20121007-013509.jpgThe “t” in Montana is for teamwork