Grow The Game Tour: Photos from our downtime
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GTG Tour: Photos From Our Downtime

As seen through the lens of my iPhone, I present to you my favorite photos from our downtime on the road for the Grow The Game Tour

The first photo taken of the whole crew (minus Krieg & I)
Kick-off dinner at my parents house (photo credit: MidKnight Media)
Tricked out the Dutchie
Analyzed our fortunes
Made films
Sat on the rocks…
…and checked out insane views
Popped the pose regularly
Kept on trickin
Made friends with a buffalo
Found a grizzly bear
Grow The Game Tour: Photos from our downtime
Walked Bear
Perched on stumps
Hung out inside old trees
Explored Kevin Flynn’s basement
Wifi blasts in gas stations
Spotted lacrosse on the wall
Took in sweet sunsets
Felt inspired by the views
Found a stray
Took in a stray
Learned about Goat Lick
Caught a train
Tricked the train
Learned who has hops
Drank lots of coffee
Said no to umbrellas
Ate like kings at Centralia BBQ
Cleaned our plates
Found a jackalope
Walked the mean streets of Portland
Ate a voodoo donut or four
Tricked out the pool table
Drank the best coffee in Portland
Sent a few text messages to Alaska
Tricked out on the tramp
Found this LAS batting helmet in Doug Appleton’s garage
Geeked out in iMovie with the Easton crew
And then, on the eve of our very last day, we devoured this giant plate of tri-tip
What a trip