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Which High School Lacrosse Goal Is Crazier?

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We got two kind of crazy high school lacrosse goals via the LAS Tipline last night, so we figured why not pit these two bizarre markers against one another, and see which one the people think is crazier! Both goals are pretty rare things to see, so we’re curious if one is weirder than the other!

Weird HS Lacrosse Goal #1

High school game between Naperville North & Neuqua Valley ends with a last second shot from 28 yards out. One of the strangest goals I have seen to end a game! Buzzer Beater! – MalutaVision

I have watched this a couple of times, and I’m still not sure how that went in!

Weird HS Lacrosse Goal #2

There was a full field goal in a recent Utah boys high school lacrosse game. A lot of times we see full field goals with goalies out of the cage, but the goalie was standing right in the middle and it still got passed him. Pretty wild. – Tim Haslam from UtahLacrosseNews.com

Man, that was pretty wild too!

Lacrosse is a funky game, and sometimes weird plays happen. The above two videos illustrate this fact nicely, but we want to know: Which High School Lacrosse Was Weirder?

Comment below and help us figure this one out… two great goals, but only one can be the craziest! If you’ve got something good, send it in to us via the Tipline, and we’ll make sure it gets it’s due!

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