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Off Hip Shooting

I don’t profess to be an offensive force these days, but back in my Severna Park High School glory (Falcons represent!), I was a right-to-right bull dodging midfielder who often found himself a few yards from the goalie with my hands free.

Two of the two things I remember most about all of my goals were:

  1. 1. I shot as hard as I could, no matter where I was on the field.
  2. 2. My highest percentage shots were those that were “off-hip.”

CAVEAT: Be sure to know a goalie’s tendencies! Matt McMonagle, my fellow co-captain and the 2007 NCAA Goalie of the Year was one of the best off-hip goalies in the country. No matter how hard guys shot, he always seemed to be able to get his stick across his body. Another stud that is great at moving his body in front of the shot is Drew Adams.

Watch how he shifts his whole weight to the ball. If a goalie is quick to their off hip, you can often catch them high-to-high stick side! I’m not saying I’ll be dropping any high-to-high lazers on Drew given the opportunity when we play the Lizards, but let’s be honest, I probably won’t even sniff the O end of the field!