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Orangeville Northmen 2016 Founders' Cup Champions Junior B box lacrosse
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Horns Up: Northmen Capture Founders’ Cup – Recap, Full Games + More!

In their home barn, the 2016 Orangeville Junior B Northmen became Founders’ Cup Champions after six long days of some of the best box lacrosse Canada has to offer. Seven teams, from six Canadian provinces, and one team from the United States, gathered in Orangeville, Ontario for the 45th round of the Founders’ Cup.

The prestigious Founders’ Cup has been awarded to the National Champion of box lacrosse for the Junior B level in Canada since 1973*. This was the third Championship won by the Jr. B Northmen, the last two coming back to back in 1989 and 1990. Like the Minto Cup, the Founders’ Cup is a much sought after trophy as players have the same small window to win it, graduating from Junior lacrosse at age 21. This could be the year of the Junior Northmen, as the A squads competes this weekend in British Columbia for the Minto.


  1. Orangeville Northmen – Orangeville, ON (OJBLL)
  2. Clarington Green Gaels – Clarington, ON (OJBLL)
  3. Seneca War Chiefs – Irving, NY (FNLA)
  4. Calgary Chill –  Calgary, AB (RMLL)
  5. Coquitlam Adanacs – Coquitlam, BC (WCJLL)
  6. Manitoba Blizzard – Winnipeg, MB (RMLL)
  7. Team Nova Scotia – Halifax, NS (Provincial team)
  8. Saskatchewan SWAT – Saskatoon, SK (RMLL)

All results via Canadian Lacrosse Association

Watch all games via JVI Sports Network


Clarington Green Gaels (5-1) vs Orangeville Northmen (6-0)


Green Gaels 3|1|2 – 6
Northmen 3|4|4 – 11

First Period

Green Gaels: Dyson Williams (Van Ryn), Adam Perronti (Curtis, Schreurs), Tyler Eames (Perroni)
Northmen: Kyle Waters (Houghton, Sutton), Grayson Houghton (Hillis, Thompson), Mike McCannell – Shorthanded (Scott, Water)

Second Period

Green Gaels: Nick Rybka (McWatters)
Northmen: Riley Thompson (Sutton, Houghton), Kyle Waters, Mike Sutton – Powerplay (Thompson, Hillis), Riley Thompson (Hunt, Waters)

Third Period

Green Gaels: Connor Van Ryn (Shand, Fernandes), Matt Shand (Bryant, Perroni)
Northmen: Shane Hillis – Powerplay (Waters), Kyle Waters – Powerplay, Peter Hunt (Armstrong), Riley Thompson (Scott)

Although they didn’t square up in the regular season, the two local squads became acquainted before meeting in the Presidents’ Cup when the Horn Heads swept the Green Gaels in three games for the OJBLL finals. Both teams came into the tournament finals undefeated, seemingly unfazed by the competition.

After a fairly even first period, the game was locked at four halfway through the second frame, before Riley Thompson opened the flood gates for the Northmen, collecting 2 goals and 1 assist in the period, to start a five goal spree. Powerplays became a thorn in the Gaels’ paw, giving up three shorthanded goals during the Orangeville run.

Goaltender Daniel Tanner finished the tournament undefeated with an excellent 4.03 GGA while Riley Thompson cleaned up on the other end of the floor, totaling 14 goals (3 game-winners) and 15 helpers over the event.

Bronze Medal

Seneca War Chiefs (4-2) vs Calgary Chill (3-3)


Chill 4|2|2 – 8
War Chiefs 6|7|4 – 17

First Period

Chill: Joe Gardner (Cattoni, Arseneault), Taylor McNeill (J. Gillis, Hughes), Taite Cattoni (J. Gillis, S. Gillis), Taylor McNeill (Gardner, Cattoni)
War Chiefs: Tommy Scanlan (Fields, Curry), Larson Sundown (Whitcomb, Fields), Dana Ray, Larson Sundown (Klimowicz), Johan Mohawk (Fields, T. Scanlan), Connor Fields (Brown)

Second Period

Chill: Taite Cattoni (Hughes, Gardner), Jake Gardner (Tajiri)
War Chiefs: Connor Gates (Sundown), Connor Gates – Powerplay (Sundown), Chase Scanlan (Klimowicz), Lucas Beaver (Mohawk, Fields), Heron Snow (Brown), Tommy Scanlan (Fields, Jones), Connor Fields (Beaver)

Third Period

Chill: Joe Gardner (McNeill, Tajiri), Taylor McNeill (J. Gillis)
War Chiefs: Tommy Scanlan (Sundown), Johan Mohawk (Fields, Whitcomb), Connor Gates, Johan Mohawk (Rey)

Tier II Gold Medal

Manitoba Blizzard (1-5) vs Coquitlam Adanacs (3-3)


Blizzard 2|4|3 – 9
Adanacs 5|3|4 – 12

First Period

Blizzard: Robert Harrow (Maydanuk), Andy Szun
Adanacs: Lucas Shein (Sundar, Sarazin), Nico McNabb (Sundar, Shein), Chris Turenne (Sundar, Harrish), Lucas Shein (Chisolm, Harrish), Nico McNabb (Miller, Best)

Second Period

Blizzard: Tyler Charlton (Courchene, Paulic), Justin Paulic (Poitras, Maydanuk), Kieran Mulvaney (Maydanuk), Kieran Mulvaney (Bezecki, Charlton)
Adanacs: Quinton Harrish (Chisolm, Sundar), Nico McNabb (Miller, Morris), Lucas Shein – Pwerplay (McNabb, Sundar)

Third Period

Blizzard: Blaze Bezecki (DePape, Maydanuk), Jared Courchene (Szun, Mulvaney), Blaze Bezecki (Courchene, Szun)
Adanacs: Chris Turenne (Sundar, Chisolm), Lucas Sundar (Shein, Harrish), Justin Digby (Sundar, Shein), Jared Best (Morris)

*The Founders’ Cup was awarded to the Junior C Champion in 1972. It previously known as the Castrol Cup, named after a cup donated by the Castrol Oil Company.