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Hot Pot: The Real Swag

There is something to be said for basic, get-down-to-business apparel, both athletic and otherwise. I don’t mind that there are so many manufacturers of apparel out there, but I am slightly concerned that the focus isn’t where it needs to be most of the time. In fact, I’m pretty sure we’re starting to get to leather jogging pants levels in some cases… the overt focus on gear, the lack of utility and basic functionality… it’s almost too much.

Yet one need look no further than Team Canada’s recent try out uniforms for inspiration in the other direction. The fact remains, If some of the BEST players in the world are ecstatic to be wearing red shirts and black shorts, shouldn’t the rest of us be more satisfied with the basics as well?


And Team Canada aren’t the only ones keeping it simple and seeing success! Wimmer Solutions is a Hawaii Tournament dynasty, and their uniforms are often just shorts and shooters with Wimmer screened on them. The Duke’s LC wears navy blue pinnies to recruiting events, and produces some of the top talent nationally. The Salt Shakerz often wear simple all black uniforms. Alabama football has a super consistent and basic uniform, yet they continue to win titles.

There are plenty of counter examples, but the point I am making is this: looking good has little to do with what someone is actually wearing, and has a lot more to do with HOW they wear it. And that brings us back to leather jogging pants. Confidence doesn’t come from swag, swag comes from confidence. And confidence comes from hard work. You want to wear leather jogging pants? You can do that. But you will look silly unless you’ve earned respect already.

Put in the work, and whatever you wear is swag.