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In Your Face LaxCast: Danehy, Towers & McAnaney

Welcome to Episode TWO of our brand new podcast series with Andy Towers and Ryan Danehy, the In Your Face LaxCast! Last week’s initial podcast had around 1,000 listeners all told, and the guys did not hold back in their analysis. Week 2 promises much more of the same, and we have even MORE for you to listen in on!

This week, the two former D1 coaches (and players!) discuss the big game from last weekend, their MVPs for the week (coaches AND players of course!), make picks for this weekend using Lax Vegas Lines as their guide, and go in-depth on the world of D1 men’s lacrosse…

On top of that, Towers and Danehy spoke with Eamon McAnaney for a solid 38 minutes about Championship Weekend, early recruiting, early games, moving the season, getting more games on TV, and where D1 lacrosse can continue to grow. It’s a frank and impressive conversation, with knowledge being dropped left and right.

Do you want the inside track on D1 lacrosse info? Then, quite simply, you need to be listening in to this podcast! It’s pretty simple really.

Here is Episode 2A, where the guys talk games, make picks, select weekly MVPs, and nerd out on D1 lacrosse:

In Your Face LaxCast: Ep. 2A

Weekend report, Hofstra & UMass Upset Wins, weekly MVPs, and picks of the week!


In Your Face LaxCast: Ep. 2B

Interview with Eamon McAnaney!


On behalf of Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers, thanks for listening to our new project. The quality will continue to improve, but the authenticity will never diminish! We hope you’ve enjoyed these podcasts whether you listen at work, in the car on the way to work, on the sidelines of your practices, or wherever you take them in!

Spread the word to your friends, and INTERACT with Ryan Danehy and Andy Towers on Twitter… you might just get a shout out in a future episode!

Ryan Danehy – https://twitter.com/RPDLacrosse

Andy Towers – https://twitter.com/lacrossedraws

If you guys have comments for Ryan and Andy, you can also leave them at the bottom of this post.